It’s really weird. I very much enjoy cross stitching. I have plenty of finished pictures, plenty of unfinished pictures and plenty of unstarted kits. I usually cross stitch in the summer, it’s not as warm and sticky as wool can be when it’s really warm weather. It’s soon cross stitch weather and I’m feeling it. I have sweaters I want to make but there are pictures I want to embroider. Luckily I go on summer vacation soon so that will give me some more time.

Now to the weird part. I love doing cross stitch but I find it kind of boring to weave in ends when knitting. Why? And, the most tedious of it all is to sew lace, or whatever it might be, onto fabric. It’s slow and finicking (and I am usually good at finicky stuff) and I guess that’s where the problem is. I happened to inherit, among other things, my dad’s meticulousness. I dislike re-doing things and if I do it right the first time, I don’t have to, but that means that I’m so meticolus that it takes a long, long time to do it in the first placec.

Aparentely there are boring and not boring sewing. It’s the same paradox as in that it’s fun to knit but it’s terrible to have to unravel something and re-knit it. Maybe it’s the novelty that’s fun, the new previously non-knit thing or the picture-making sewing.

So yeah, I have some tedious sewing to do. Fortunately the attaching of lace is much easier to carry with you than the actual lace making. Another little paradox.