I just had to share something that I saw today. Remember how thiswpid-DSC_0337.jpg

turned into this?

Well, know it has become this.

It’s pretty amazing, right? (Yes, I cross that bridge several times a week, I notice changes. I’ll probably show you this view again. Someday I might even show you the view from the other side.)

On a totally different level, I was blocking a shawl yesterday. I am a somewhat tight knitter so I picked a yarn that’s thicker than the yarn the pattern suggested. Also, I wanted the shawl to be big and warm to comfort the recipient. Well, it turned out much longer than expected and now my apartment is a little crowed.


I even had to move the coffee table to make room for it and the uttermost ends couldn’t even fit on the carpet and are only slightly blocked. Luckily it’s almost dry now, I’m getting kind of tired of having to jump over it everytime I need something on the other side of the apartment. Ah, the things you do for knitting…