Sweet dreams are made of thee

I know it’s been a while since I showed you a finished project but I’m working on it, I really am. A few weeks ago I did some spring cleaning in the stash and among my patterns. Now I’m doing the same with my projects. I’ve decided that I can’t start something new until I finish som old sourdoughs that’s been haunting me for a while. But this doesn’t mean I can’t dream. Since I can’t cast on something, I buy yarn instead and make up ideas of future projects.

This, for starters, is going to be a sweater for a toddler. wpid-DSC_0562.jpg

And I fell completely in love with these skeins in the yarn store the other day and immediately made up ideas for a toddler cardigan.

Not to mention this delicious color combination. It’s simply yummy! That will, hopefully, be something special for me, inspired by my aunt actually.wpid-DSC_0563.jpg

But in the meantime I’m stuck with this
and dream is all I can do.

Now I’ve said what I’m going to make of it all so I better do it too. Huge pressure. But you know, as they say in Project Runway, one day you’re in and the next, you’re out. It’s the same with knitting, one day a project is tempting and the next you find out it’s not working and isn’t meant to be. Not every project can be a Chanel (but every project should aspire to). (I know, possibly weird way of combining my two metaphors but just go with it, I’m delusional from watching and dreaming about all those unstarted projects.)