Princess Lace

Yesterday was the wedding of the Swedish Princess Madeleine and

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her fiancée (for some reason that article focuses on the men even though it’s the women who has the fancy titles. I mean, “That’s the former fitness instructor with his wife, Crown Princess Victoria”. Or, maybe that’s Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel. Just saying). But, politics aside, I enjoy the fairytale if it all.

Diadems, wonderful dresses, necklaces, jewelry, princesses and other royalty. Gold and roses, pink and chocolates. Tea and fancy china. A little bit like a dream, a glimpse of a different life (a life I would never want to live but it’s fun to watch it every now and then).

I have had my own little Princess moment besides whatching the wedding on TV. This weekend I finish the lace! 80 cm in just over a week.

The lace is appropriately named Victoria, a total coincidence, and the pattern is made by Ewonne Guhrés.

It looks a bit like a tiny crown, don’t you think? I wouldn’t mind one like this in sliver.

I’ll show you later what I’m going to do with it.