As time goes by


Today I made good progress on a shawl while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room. Knitting is such a good way to pass time. Most of the others just played with

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their phones or stared deep into the floor. Me, was prepared. Then it struck me that I never really just knit, I always combine it with something else.

I knit during coffee breaks a work. I knit while waiting. I knit while hanging out with my friends. I knit at a cocktail party the other day. I knit while travelling and I knit while watching TV and while listening to the radio. The only thing I never do is just knit. I’m a multitasker!

That shawl grew today and I wish I could say the same about the lace. Unfortunately it would have been impossible to bring the lace pillow to that waiting room, it just won’t fit in my purse.