As we go on, we remember


June 6 is Sweden’s National Day. On June 6 1593 Gustav Vasa was chosen king and that day marks the foundation of Sweden as a modern country. (Gustav Vasa is also known for skiing very far (as in the annual Vasaloppet), for liberating Sweden from the Danes and for making Sweden protestant.)  In 2005 June 6 became a public holiday.


June 6 also happen to be the day I graduated from high school ten years ago. A lot of things have happened since and no year has been like any of the others. In the ten years that have passed I’ve gotten my driver’s license, I’ve gotten a BA in Literature and a MA in Swedish. I’ve moved away from home, I’ve studied a year abroad in France and I’ve gotten my own place. I’ve worked and I’ve worked even more and I’ve quit jobs and gotten new ones. I’ve made tons of friends, I’ve travelled the world, far away both East and West. I’ve tried to make a difference. I’ve fallen in love and I’ve fallen out of love and fallen in love again. I’ve pushed myself and I’ve done things I’d never thought I could do. I’ve skydived, I’ve entered and finished a 93,2 miles bike race, I’ve gotten insights, I’ve held tiny babies, I’ve been to a ball at a castle, I’ve lost and I’ve grieved. And I’ve built a small but decent stash.


Ten years ago, I wasn’t a knitter. I was a young woman who knit but I wasn’t a knitter. I didn’t own a stash and used my mother’s left over yarn when I needed I wanted to knit something. I didn’t have much patience with knitting but I had made a few baby clothes, a sweater for myself and some other things. I had just a vague idea how to follow a pattern but I knew how to knit and purl, to decrease and increase, how to cast on and bind off. I’ve come a long way since in my knitting. I have pattern books, I’ve made trips solely to buy yarn, I’ve built a stash and I’ve knit. Oh, have I knit.

I’ve knit in almost every situation possible, I’ve knit every type of clothing there is (including a pair of pants for a baby, something I doubt I will ever do again), I always bring my knitting, I’ve swathed my sourroundings in knitwear and I’ve had a great time doing it.

We’ll se how the next ten years turn out. So many un-knit patterns, so many un-knit yarns. So many things to still try on in life.

“Keep on thinking it’s a time to fly” (Graduation song, Vitamin C, a terribly wistful but good song.)