A thing about gauge

I was wearing my Misty Meadow shawl today which got me thinking about gauge. I don’t really care about gauge when it comes to shawls. It can turn out anywhere between a shawlette or something close to a blanket and it is all usable. And, you have no idea how it would have turned out otherwise since you can’t really change your tension. But with the Misty Meadow I can show exactly how it could have looked if only I had checked my gauge. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my shawl but it turned out smaller than was stated in the pattern. Totally my fault.)

IMG_0844 IMG_0845
Me and my friend Jenny both joined the Misty Meadow Mystery Knit Along and when we were finished we admired and compared our shawls.

The one above is mine and the other one is Jenny’s.

We’ve followed the same pattern and used the same size needles. Compared to my shawl, Jenny’s is huge! It’s all about gauge and tension.


Next time I make a shawl, I’ll check gauge though, I think I have enough shawlettes for now.