Take the K train

I love travelling by train. If by the words “love travelling” you understand that I don’t love travelling at alI, I really dislike it but I like being away. Yes, I know, one of the things is kind of dependent of the other but this is still how I feel and sometimes I have to bite the sour apple* and do it anyway. Obviously some travelling is much easier than other and there is a big difference between going to the other side of the world and to visit a friend in a nearby city.

If I do have to travel though, I prefer the train. There is something utterly comforting in being shipped somewhere. You can have as many heavy bags as you can possibly carry but once you’re on the train you can just sit down and relax and do whatever you want. (Knit!) The train is going to take you where ever your ticket wish and if you’re really lucky you don’t have to change trains somewhere (that’s exactly something that could ruin a trip for me and make me worry) and when the train stops you’re at your destination and, if this is the perfect trip, there is someone meeting you at the platform.


I started to really appreciate trains when I lived abroad a few years ago. I always had way to heavy luggage when I travelled and the town I lived in was 330 kilometers from the airport but I knew that once I got on the train and finally found my seat, everything would be okay. If I made it to the train in time I would make it to my flight in time and I could also be doing just whatever I wanted to do on the train ride while someone else, the very nice train driver, took me to my destination. Once I got to the train and sat down and took out my knitting, it wasn’t that much different from sitting in my armchair at home knitting and then voilà, I would have travelled, without really noticing it happened.

Maybe I should rephrase – I’m okay with travelling as long as I can knit uninterupted.

*Bite the sour apple – bite the bullet, endure the hard times without complaining

The non-progess itch

I’ve had an itch, a feeling these past week that I haven’t knit enough. That I’ve just put a round in here and there and not really gotten to sit down to actually get somewhere on my WIPs – Work in progess. It’s been awful, I feel like I knit and knit and never get anywhere, which should mean that I haven’t knit that much at all. That is true, even though I’ve knit on every spare moment, those moments haven’t been many and my projects are so big it really takes some effort to get anywhere.

If you knit a baby sock and only do it on the 40 minutes train ride to the next city, you’ve probably gotten the better part of the leg done, maybe you’re even at the heel. You’ve gotten somewhere. But if you’re knitting a huge shawl or something bigger and only knit on the 40 minutes train ride, you have, if you’re lucky, gotten about 4 rows done. That feels like nothing. You probably can’t even see what you’ve done (unless you’ve made a mistake and need to rip back those four rows), that you’ve made any progress at all.

The latter is what I’ve experiences lately. I’m not getting anywhere! Huge projects, multiple huge projects and only bits and pieces of opportunities to knit, that equals not much visual progress. This has had me itching, I want to knit, I want to know I actually get somewhere so I can start on my next projects soon. It’s not as if I’ve not had a lot of fun things to do, I have done plenty of great things and met my dearest friends and had all sorts of fun, but no knitting. Of course I’ve knit when we’ve been to cafés and elsewhere but usually your company gets a little miffed if you don’t look at them at all for two hours and my current projects are all requiring concentration. There are charts, there are sneaky decreases and I need to be on the alert.

Yesterday though, yesterday was a glorious day from a knitting perspective. It was me, my knitting and some great TV series (and four hours of laundry but I could knit between loads). I didn’t worry about anything, I just knit and knit and knit. I made progress! I finished an entire sleeve and it was a great feeling to know that I was getting somewhere, that I’m not stuck in a non-progressing loop forever. The itch isn’t entirely gone but I’m pretty darn happy anyway (as long as I can keep making progess soon).

Unfortuntaly I can’t show you this amazing progress-making sleeve so I give you a glass of milk and a cookie instead.


Happy 6 months, Schrimpie!

Today Schrimp turns 6 months. Schrimp is a sweetie who has helped me a lot these past months and is of course deserving of knit goods. Schrimp’s parents are lovely people who let me hug and snuggle Schrimpie as often as I want to and Schrimp has modelled knitwear for me for a long time. Schrimp is a lovely person who it is an honor to know.

Well, Schrimp is maybe a little too young to eat cake so I knit one instead.

Yep, it’s the Princess cake I’ve shown you before. I just wanted to show you a picture of the two cakes together, the knit one and the marzipan one. Lovely, don’t you think?

I don’t advocate eating the knit one though. It might contain som nutrition, I mean evil things like moth do indeed eat wool (I’m shuddering just thinking about it), but human beings should not live on a diet containg of wool only. But Schrimp, if you want to taste it, go ahead!

The recipient was tired but seemed content if somewhat sceptical. (Yeah, I know, the things you have to put up with when you’re young enough to not being able to say no, the weird things your knitting aunt makes for you, I know. I promise I’ll listen to your wishes in the knitting department as soon as you are old enough to express them.)

Happy 6 months, Sweetiepie!

Can’t see the lace for all the pins

I’m trying to show you a picture of my LIP – lace-in-progress, but I realize that it’s almost impossible to see anything. So instead, I give you a picture of my very pretty pins. 


I’ll show you the actual lace later when I’m deeper into it.

By the way, it’s an excellent day, sun shining and everything, to sit on a blanket next to an allotment and watch your friends shoving manure while you knit. Or, as in my case, snuggle a sleeping baby. But just knitting is fine should you for some reason have neither allotment, nor friends shoving manure, nor baby.

Knitting on the dance floor?


Not much knitting going on tonight since I have yet to master knitting while dancing a foxtrot without it being murder on the dance floor. Tonight’s not looking good for learning it either so more knitting tomorrow instead.

See you out there on the floor!


When I was a kid I had some things I never played with. Beads for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love beads and I loved them when I was kid. I had this necklace kit that you could make a necklace out of really pretty beads. I used to play with them, put them on the string, see which ones would go together, admire them but I never ever wore them around my neck. The answer is simply that I realized that if I made a necklace out of them, I wouldn’t have them anymore. It would all be done and I could never thread my beads on that string again. What if I regretted the order I put them in? Well, I could probably just have opened the knot and thread them again but that didn’t occur to me. What if I loved it so much I never wanted to change the order of the beads but still wanted to make new necklaces? It was a dilemma and it resulted in a lot of admiring the beads but never wearing them.

Obviously the process was more fun than the finished product (and aparentely I loved owning crafts articles, nothing much has changed in that department). It’s the same with knitting. When I knit I want the finished product, I work towards it, long for it to finish so I can admire the finished result. But as soon as the project is done, I loose a bit of interest even though the finished project is still amazing.

I’m a bit the same about yarn. I have yarn, I want yarn, I love yarn. But sometimes I catch myself not wanting to knit with the yarn because that would leave me without that yarn. I have also noticed a tendency to replace already knit yarn with new yarn that is just the same. It’s the beads all over again except this time I’m grown-up and I can see that there will be new yarn (unless the apocalypse comes but we can’t constantly go wait for that) but somewhere I’m still eight years old and a little possessive with my beads.

Later in May I have the opportunity to get very nice yarn but I need to decide now what yarn I want. This is hard because the yarn is so good that it’s impossible to choose. To make matters worse, the nice lady at the yarn store sent me samples! And not just any samples. There are handwritten little notes with little butterflies punched out and tied to the yarn with purple satin ribbons. It’s simply adorable. How could you resist yarn like that?


I want the yarn and I never want to knit it. Well, I do want to knit it but if I know myself, I’ll feel that there is always a better project for the yarn and if I knit the yarn I don’t have yarn anymore… I’m not going there with this yarn! It’s going to be knit and when I’ve knit it I’m going to buy more yarn. If I can ever decide now, that it.

When I’m done deciding, I’m on a yarn diet for at least two weeks.

Those days

You know those days when you think you’re all happiness and sweetness and then you open your mouth and realize that you’re neither happy nor sweet? Those days it’s better to just sit down, keep quiet and knit. So that’s what I’m going to do.


See you tomorrow!

I’ve got the blues

I guess there is a color of the season. Blue. I seam to be obsessed with blue. I search for blue. I scan the yarn store and I immediately go for the blues. When I look back, this have been the case for quite some time now.

I think it started in January. I needed to knit a shawl in a hurry and came up with this.Rococo shawl
This is the Rococo Shawl by Elena Rosenberg knit with Merino Worsted from Malabrigo Yarn, color Paris Night.

Then it continued. In March the blues really started to just jump from my needles.
A lila[c]loud by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne knit in Malabrigo Yarn Lace, color 26 Continental Blue.

Encompass by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knit in Drops Eskimo from Garnstudio, colorway 15.

The aforementioned Cupcake Cutie Cap by Doreen L. Marquart (yes, I bet you are as tired of seeing this hat on the blog as I am of knitting it. It’s still a great pattern though, and the “frosting” is blue), knit in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio.

The Misty Meadow had blue in it

and my precious Windward. It’s all blue.
Blå sjal 3

When I came back from the yarn store last week all I had was blue.

And it’s not just the yarn. I dress in blue. I bought blue shoes the other day.

I even drink blue tea!

I think this blue period is some kind of reaction – both to the fact that I really need to finish a project in burgundy red and that blue is said to have a calming effect and to give us a feeling of protection.

Apparentely it also inspires creativity.


I sat down to write an long entry when my computer was hit by a very nasty virus that made me very scared for a few moments before I realized it was a virus. Obviously I did what any non-computer wiz knitter would do – I handed over the computer to my closest computer wiz and sat down to knit. I knit till my heart stopped pumping in an unhealthy speed, I knit till the feeling of invasion into my personal space had left and around the same time as this was done

so was the computer restoration.

Now I’m knitting the second sock to confirm that everything is all right.

It’s a mystery

In late February I found a Mystery Knit-A-Long on Ravelry. A knit-a-long is when a lot of people knit the same project during the same time. Almost like a sing-a-long if there were a lot of people singing the same song over a few weeks time and not necessary at the same place. As if you would tell 30 or more persons to sing It’s a Mystery by Marit Bergman whenever they have the time and in three weeks you will have sung through the entire song and you’re sending recordings to each other of your singing. In a knit-a-long you don’t have to sit next to other knitters who knit the same thing, you just know that a lot of knitters are knitting the same thing during the same period of time. By the end of the period you show each other pictures of your project.

A mystery knit-a-long is a knit-a-long where you don’t have the entire pattern when you start. You might know that it’s a shawl you’re knitting and what sort of yarn you should have and which needle size, but that’s pretty much it. Each week, or each few days, you get a new clue, a new piece of the pattern and in the end you have a finished pattern and hopefully also a finished garment.

This mystery knit-a-long project was a striped shawl knit during the course of March. On April 15 it was ok to show the pictures. I’ve tried to get it’s picture taken but, as you remember my non-knitting photographer, it was a little tricky. Now though, now I can finally show you. Here is my Misty Meadow by Cindy Garland.


The yarn is Cascade 220 Fingering from Cascade Yarns, color 8910 Citron and 9487 Puget Sound. Compared to other knitter’s shawls, mine is a bit small but it doesn’t matter. I love it anyway and I don’t have to risk dipping the edges in my teacup because I forget they’re there (yes, that might have happened with other shawls, might have), these ones simply aren’t long enough to do that!


Pictures above taken by talented photographer and darling friend Louise Kennerberg. It’s great having dedicated photographers who are willing to take pictures of your handknits. A great way to combine my knitting interest and other’s photography skills. We worked a lot with trying to get the light flow through the shawl and the result is stunning, beautiful and perfect!

Knit on!