Chopping chips

After a break that stretched over a few weeks, I have finally baked again, despite it not being Friday. It was about 28 degrees Celsius but I still baked.

I also realized I really should use the huge knife when chopping chocolate chips, and not pre-break the bar while it’s still in the wrapping. I usually break the bar into smaller pieces before opening the wrapping and then go about it a bit haphazardly with a small knife. That works but it’s messy and I get chocolate that melts on my hands and I’m not a fan.

Instead I used the biggest knife today and went about it methodically – once diagonally one way and then the other way. It was quick and clean and it looks just like a piece of art with all those neatly lying chocolate chips. I could even see it transfer into a knitting pattern, color work on a yoke or something similar.

The last cupcake

I’ve been working so much lately I haven’t had a chance to bake since Einar’s birthday. All my cookie jars are empty and it’s time to fill them again. Next weekend I have a few more days off and me and Einar will do some baking. Chocolate chip cookies and maybe something else. Perhaps something I haven’t tried before in my newfound baking frenzy. I like this new me, or, old me coming back. I like to be the kind of parent that knits clothes for my baby and bakes, even though Einar is still to young to eat sweets. I won’t be the parent that cooks amazing meals or keeps the cleanest house or take my kid on long trips. But I can knit for him and bake with him and help him with his homework and read to him. Those are my strengths and I like that I can combine them, my strengths, me, with me as a parent.

Yeah, I know, it’s all really just an excuse for me to make more chocolate chip cookies.

Oven notes 2

Last week was the last meeting with my evening class and we had decided on a potluck. I made a kladdkaka and I think it was much appreciated. Look at that table, we had an amazing last meeting. So good!

But, back to the kladdkaka. Since my oven can be a bit erratic I was a little nervous about the cake. Normally it should sit in the oven for 20-35 minutes but when half an hour had passed it wasn’t even near done. So I waited another 15 minutes and it still wasn’t done. I waited again and no, not done. Waited and not done. This went on and on and on. When the cake had been in the oven for an insane one hour and 45 minutes I finally took it out. It was done although it could have benefited from perhaps another 15 minutes in the oven.

It was good and that’s all that matters though.

Baby cake

Yesterday Me Made turned one and we had a small party for him. I made a cake out of banana waffles with mashed mango and banana purée in between and strawberries and raspberries on top. It was a good baby cake but perhaps not for grown-ups.

Luckily the grown-ups could eat cupcakes instead. I had so much fun decorating them, matching the sprinkles with the moulds. Chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting, it was very good. And I especially love my cupcake tin, it makes things so much easier and I don’t have to worry about the moulds collapsing.

Together with ballons, friends and family and goodies my baby had a very good birthday, and so did we.

Oven notes

And eventually we got to the cupcakes. I feel like I’m such a newbie when it comes to all things baked even though I have made plenty of cupcakes before. Both flour based and wool based ones. It has been a while though and although I do dare to use the oven again, it’s not as reliable as I would like.

In the end my cupcakes looked like this (I’ll put the frosting on tomorrow), but that wasn’t until they had been in the oven twice the amount of time stated. 30 minutes instead of 15. That must mean there is something weird going on with my oven, don’t you think? This time it won’t stop me form using it though and now I know that cupcakes need 30 minutes in 180 degrees.

Time for a change?

I’m sure everyone is tired of looking at me baking the same thing week after week but here it is again. I should step it up a bit, try something different, but chocolate chip cookies are my favorite so I’m sticking to them. I’ve been thinking about cup cakes but I don’t dare to, not yet. And not with a tired Me Made close by. Also, cup cakes sort of requires a reason, you don’t just bake them to keep them in a tin for whenever you feel a bit peckish. No, cup cakes needs an occasion and right now I don’t have one. As soon as I do, I will consider cup cakes though.

How many minutes are optimal?

We didn’t bake anything yesterday, me and Me Made. We had other engagements and didn’t have the time. I think we both suffered from the lack of our new routine. Instead we made chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday and they were perhaps a tad soft. They break easily and I think it’s because I forgot how long they need to be in the oven. I tried both 4 minutes and 3:30 and perhaps somewhere in between is the best. Nevertheless they are still really good and the tradition can go on.

Not like riding a bike

My Friday tradition is becomes more and more of a, well, tradition. After breakfast, me and Me Made prepare the kitchen and start stirring ingredients. Then, when we’re finished, or while the cake is in the oven, Me Made takes a nap and after that we’re ready for lunch and a taste of the cake. It’s a pretty good tradition, I think.

Today I used a smaller cake tin and left the cake in the oven for a little longer. The result is a better one that before. I’m making improvements, that’s good. It takes a few tries to get back in the saddle, so to speak, after all, it’s been a few years since I last baked. But I’m getting better and better!

Play time

It seems I’ve started a bit of a Friday tradition. Last Friday I baked and the Friday before that and tomorrow I plan on doing it again. I made a chocolate cake and it was really good but could have been left in the oven a little longer. I’ll try it again tomorrow.

It looked so ready but no. It was supposed to be sticky but perhaps not that sticky. I like this new tradition, it’s good and it gives us something to do, me and Me Made, who plays with various kitchen utensils while I bake. Which, I guess, mean that we’re pretty much doing the same thing although my playing hopefully results in a cake or two.

Please note the dough-scraper, it has knitting on it.

I didn’t see that coming

I did manage to bake today. Me Made was very supportive, at least as long as there was enough various kitchen utensils available (the table spoon measuring cup was a particular favorite). Me, well, I was baking, apparently a little too intensely because mid-stir I suddenly broke the spoon. In two. I must be a super baker and no one mixes the dough better than me. The cookies are delicious too.