I haven’t been much for blocking lately. I’ve done it but it has taken quite an effort to do (which is ridiculous, it’s not that hard really). This weekend though I got a good tip from a friend who doesn’t like the finishing part of knitting either. For every item she finish, she saves ten kronor and at the end of the year she gets to buy yarn for that money. I have been thinking about it since she told me and maybe I should try it too. Maybe that will encourage me to block and weave in ends, a little bribe at the end of the year. For 2017, which was a fairly bad year knitwise, I would have collected 290 kronors for 29 finished projects. Depending on the yarn, that can be quite a few balls, or even one skein of the really yummy stuff. For 2016 it would have been 690 kronors, just saying…

So far I have collected 20 kronors, I have finished Agnieszka’s bloomers and yesterday I sewed the buttons to a baby sweater. Today I weaved in the ends on another little sweater and now I have no excuses not to block it, especially if it means some more money for my yarn budget in twelve months. I think this is worth a try.

Sleeve issue

Sorry for the bad lighting but it’s that time of the year. Yesterday I finished my blue lace (I even wove in the ends!) and now it’s just a block away from being finished. This means I have picked up another UFO (left it in September 2016 so definitely a UFO but then again, with this project the important thing was to cast on, not to finish), a red cardigan. I might not cast off this time around either but I figure I can at least make some progress.

It turned out the sleeves were too small for me so I have continued increasing for the sleeves instead of just the body as the pattern says. I’m not sure it will be enough but once I separate the sleeves from the body I will try it on and see if it fits.

A top down raglan cardigan or sweater is always toughest just before parting the sleeves because that’s when you have the most stitches on the needle and I’m looking forward to lose the sleeve stitches. I will at least do that before I put the cardigan back in its project bag for another year or so.

For the love of kits

Yesterday I meantioned kits and I just had to look through my kit shelf. I had no idea I had so many kits! But I love them so I’m not really surprised. There are four pairs of socks and two pairs of mittens, there are at least twelve shawls and I don’t know what else. Three of the kits I’ve put together myself but the rest I have bought as kits. In the middle you also see the first project bag I got, the black and white one. I got that four years ago (and haven’t knit the kit obviously) and since then I’ve gotten about 30 more. And can you imagine, I never seem to find an empty project bag when I need one.

So, it’s obvious I have a lot of kits and that I like kits. Come to think of it, I think there are some missing actually.


Since my goal lately has been to finish some projects I have started to think about UFO’s and I have a question:

When does a work-in-progress (WIP) become an unfinished obejct (UFO)?

It happens quite often that a knitter pause on a project because there is another urgent project that needs attention, due to a tight deadline or just because the knitter found out that beige wasn’t a suitable color in March and needed a break to knit something lime green, but has the intenton to go back to the beige when the outdoors doesn’t mirror the same color. Does that mean that the project becomes a UFO during that break? Or does UFO only apply on projects that have no hope to ever be finished?  How long does the WIP have to wait before the truth is inevitable and it has become a UFO? Is a kit that you haven’t started yet a UFO? The yarn has an intended project but you haven’t finished that project, does that mean it is a UFO?

I’m quite aware that my ice blue lace had become a UFO, after all, I didn’t touch it for 21 months, but now since I’ve knit over 40 rows, it has definitely been upgraded to a WIP. But the sock in the picture, how about that? I have finished the first sock but have not started the second. In fact, I have put the entire project in the freezer since I never did that before starting it. But has it become a UFO yet?

Different times call for different knittings and it’s not unusual to keep multiple projects at the same time (my lace would not do for coffee breaks at work for example, but a sock is perfect) and they are all in progress, but when is the time limit for a WIP? How long does it have to stay untouched in the project bag before it becomes a UFO? That I would really like to know.

Parallel knitting

It seems like I have two parallel knitting lives right now. One where I want to finish off all my UFO’s, like the lace in the picture, and all my works-in-progress. One where I want to get closure on things. I have a sweater to put buttons on, another sweater with half a sleeve missing and another sweater that I started a year ago but only made a few rows. I have socks in progress and shawls and mitts. They need to be finished. They deserve it.

The other knitting live centers around future projects. I buy yarn, I make plans, I botanize among colors. It will be interesting how many of these plans will actually be a reality one day. I know that probably 80% of all knitting ideas never happen but what will happen to these plans? Will I make any of them?

If nothing else, it’s good to have knitting plans again. There was a long while when I just wasn’t inspired at all and couldn’t make any plans. (That’s when socks come in.) Now though, now my head is spinning with ideas and I like it. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll also see how many of my WIP’s I manage to finish in the end.

A beautiful turnout

As I’m sure you’re well aware, there can be quite a lot of politics in knitting. Probably the most common thing is which color to put on a baby and where to put the buttons. But there are other ways as well and it’s lovely to see how the digital knitting community stand up together. Like when the big and somewhat dubious yarn company steals someone else’s pattern and launch it as its own.

That’s when knitters unite and start asking the big and somewhat dubious yarn company what they are up to. When the big and somewhat dubious yarn company starts deleting comments and block users who ask too many questions, that’s when knitters get angry for real.

Knitters fight with there needles and so the #mameluckupproret started, the bloomers uprising, where knitters all over Scandinavia started knitting bloomers, from the original pattern and not the pattern launched from the big and somewhat dubious yarn company. All published on instagram. I’m not sure the big and somewhat dubious yarn company cares at all, but knitters have shown their opinion and their sense of what is right and what is wrong and big and somewhat dubious yarn companies really shouldn’t steal patterns from small, independent designers and then block users who calls them out on it. And so, I knit a pair of bloomers.

Pattern: Majas mamelucker by Maja Karlsson from Majas manufaktur. Yarn: Gästrike 2-trådigt from Järbo Garn, color 9204. No mods.

A new year

I started the new year by making a #bestnine2017 of my instagram pictures. It looks like people really like it when I take selfies. And yarn and some knitting of course. I really hope this year will bring yarn and knitting as well. I already have plans for at least three cardigans (we’ll see how that goes) and I hope I will find the time to make them as well.

I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions so I’m not making any besides an over all goal to feel as good as I can and to be kind to myself and not care so much what other people say. I don’t normally do that anyway but I will try to listen to myself and to trust my own gut feeling even more this year. That and to knit those three cardigans, that will be, not the resolution but an aspiration for 2018.

So far I’ve finished a sock this year and I haven’t started the second one yet (which makes me worry that I won’t) but I have woven in the ends. I have also picked up a UFO from two years ago and we’ll see what happens with that one. A new year and I’m sure it will be an interesting one.

The call of the yarn

These past four days have been all about yarn. I’ve worked with yarn during three out of the four days and I’ve visited three yarn stores. I’ve had big yarn accidents and gotten multiple ideas for new projects. It’s really time for a new cardigan for example. I’m thinking green. And someone hinted that the socks received two years ago had done their job by now. There seems to be a baby boom next year and I know of at least five babies arriving before Midsummer. Obviously this means that it’s time to knit baby clothes. Also, there was a lot of yarn that needed me to take care of it.

Being around yarn is very nice, I just need to touch it. You pass a beautiful skein on your way to something else and you just stretch out your hand and give it a little squeeze in passing. It’s very satisfying. And the project ideas, obviously, so many of them. They just keep poping up which is very nice. Today an idea for a baby sweater just forced itself into my head and I can’t get it out. There is something about the days between Christmas and New Year’s that just makes me want to start eleven projects at the same time. I haven’t so far but they yarn is calling me and I know it’s only a question of time before I do something about it. We’ll see how long I can resist.

Black hole

I seem to be stuck in a knitter-y black hole. I have half a centimeter left of the ribbing on my knitting and no matter how many rows I knit I don’t seem to be able get to 20 centimeters. We’ll see for I long I will be stuck but I hope I’ll get out soon because dark grey ribbing is only so much fun, you know.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Eve and I’m full of food and marzipan, I have gotten amazing gifts and I’m happy and content.

I have knit on my Christmas knittings, all of them, and I’m looking forward to the finished projects, mainly socks. Hopefully we’ll have a cold winter so I get to use them a lot. Please note my perfectly round yarn ball. I didn’t use my ball winder due to the tree being up and it’s in the way of the space where I put my swift so I just figured it was easier to wind by hand and that created this lovely little round ball.

I wish you alla a happy and knitter-ly holiday!