The darker the better?

I ripped out the first attempt. Sometimes it’s the only reasonable thing to do. I didn’t want the shawl to have an over all feeling of dusty rose. I went with hot pink instead, it’s more me. Or rather, here in the beginning it’s rather wine red or purple. We’ll se when it actaully change color and also how far I’ve reached into the knitting when the color change comes. I think the shawl will be a nice and warm one, despite the yarn being a single strand, which I know will felt a bit. We’ll see, but so far so good.

The year of many “firsts”

Another hot day and I was comfortable in my tank top, there was no need for anything else. But then you never know. I never trust that a cardigan is unnecessary so I always bring one or a shawl. I have a feeling that I will spend a lot of time in a black or a white tank top this summer, should it be a warm one, and I do have a lot of white cotton cardigans that will go well with the white tank top. Remember two years ago when I accidentally forgot my cardigan in Warsaw? Well, I cast on a new one and then I got my old one back… Let’s just say I have plenty of white summer cardigans. Today I wore my Hitofude, the one I made to replace the one I thought I had lost in Warsaw.

So, a black and a white tank top (or multiple black and white tank tops) and plenty of white summer cardigans. I’m not sure a white cardigan is the nicest together with a black top though. You know what this means, don’t you? Yep. I wasn’t sure I would ever end up here but it looks like it’s where I’m headed. I’m a little shocked myself but I’m getting more and more sure of the idea. It’s time. I can do it.

I need to make a black summer cardigan.

Which end?

Early this year I made a little list of knitting goals for 2018. One of the goals was to knit from gradients since I have a huge fascination for it and keep collecting kits (and remember, it’s okay to knit from stash yarn, it does not compromise the integrity of the stash). So I figure it’s time to do something with it.

Earlier this year I also purchased a gradient yarn ball in pink. It came with a shawl pattern and I figure it’s time to knit it. There are two questions though. The first one is whether this actually count as making something from gradient yarn since it wasn’t in the stash when I decided on that goal. The second question concerns which end to start from, hot pink closest to the neck or dusty pink? Generally I would say that it should go from light to dark from the neck down and therefore I also started with the dusty rose part. Then it struck me that this is a shawl, made from the neck down, and shawls grow. This means that even though it will sure end with hot pink, the over all impression will be dusty rose because the rows will be longer at the bottom, hence I won’t have as much hot pink as I want. So I should really frog it and start over from the other end. I’ll have to think it over a few times more though, we’ll see.

An entire yarn ball!

I have actually managed to finish my MKAL. I need to block it but other than that it’s finished. I’m surprised, I was two clues behind and Little Me Made hasn’t really understood yet that knitting time is important. But we’re getting there.

What confuses and surprises me though is that I must really knit much, much tighter than the designer. I picked the medium size shawl and that pattern stated it needed three skeins of yarn, or 300 grams on needle size 3,5 mm. Since I know from experience I knit tighter than the designer, I went up two needles sizes to 4 mm and I thought that would be good.

Tonight I finished the eight and last clue and I have so much yarn left! I didn’t even start the third skein, meaning I used less than 200 grams despite changing needles. I probably should have gone with size 4,5 mm or something. Me and the designer must have such a different gauge. And sure, I should have swatched but I don’t really care if the shawl is smaller than expected, I’m just surprised I got so much yarn left. I have seen before what differences in tension can do but still. Also, I think I will mention this to everyone who claims that they knit “normally” or “evenly” so they don’t need to swatch. I knit quite normal and even too, in my opinion, but still a lot tigher than this designer, whom I’m certain thinks she knits normally and evenly too.

So, I got a lot of left overs, I wonder what do make… What a pleasant dilemma!

Perfect for an outing

Today we had a little outing and since the weather was warm a cotton cardigan was all that was needed. Little Me Made was very comfortable in this cardigan and slept through most of the outing and got to represent today’s MMMay18.

It all started with a hat. A non-knit hat that was given to me and I figured it needed a matching cardigan. I picked some yarn from the big bag of yarn popsicles I got earlier this year and decided on a striped pattern and started knitting. The pattern is one that’s been quite popular here lately, I’ve used it multiple times. It worked out very well together with the hat and the outing was very successful.

Pattern: Beyond Puerperium by Kelly van Niekerk. Yarn: Eco Baby from Debbie Bliss, colors 14045, 14004 and 14042. No mods.

A little break is all it takes

I’m moving slowly but steadily forward on my latest MKAL. The “Me Made in May and here to stay” is keeping me busy but I manage to throw in some knitting here and there. I haven’t worn any more hand knits since I haven’t left the house today but last week I wore one of my new shawls. It was only briefly since it was a very hot day but briefly still counts.

This shawl was a bonus MKAL in my yarn club from 2016 where we got one clue on the first of every month. I started on this shawl and made it to clue #3, that would be March, before I gave up.

The reason was the yarn. It was club specific and in a nice pale blue color but I just couldn’t continue. The yarn split terribly! It split and I was just so annoyed with it I couldn’t bring myself to even start clue #4.

I gave up, put it away and thought I would never pick it up again. I turned my back to other projects using the same yarn and almost forgot about it all. Then, last summer, I had my Stash Dash 2017 and found the project bag with this shawl. I put it together with all my other UFO’s and didn’t think twice about it. After New Year’s though, I was in need of a project but wasn’t inspired enough to cast on something new. Instead I looked through my UFO’s and I found this project bag.

“How badly could it split?” I thought and started knitting. It was quite a challenge because the pattern was now updated and it didn’t contain clues anymore but I managed to figure out where I had left it almost two years previously. The splitting wasn’t as bad this time around and pretty soon I had finished the shawl. It was pretty, it had beads, it was an elegant color and it was a while since I made a true lace shawl. And now I have also worn it, for MMMay ’18. I will wear it again, soon.

Pattern: Tranquil Mist by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Exceptional Lace from Stunning String Studio, color Blissful. No mods.

Me made to stay

In a way Me Made May 2018 got a little break this last week, and in a way it didn’t. It’s been a very warm week so I haven’t worn much hand knits beside my ribbon sweater that I wore briefly on Thursday evening. I have, however, gotten some use out of  the Arranmore blanket that I made a couple of years ago, there was someone who needed it on a cold night.

So, based on hand knits there was a break in the MMMay18 but in another way it wasn’t, it was more me made than anything else. Something me made that is also using other me made things. Something, or someone, in need of a blanket. Someone knit worthy. Someone subject to only the finest wool possible. Someone who decided to come visit a week ago. Someone, me made in May and here to stay.

Inofficial MMMay18

I wasn’t going to do Me Made May this year but then I realized I was doing it inofficially. I’m not doing it on weekends or days when I’m just pottering around the house but other than that, I’m trying. I started by wearing my new cuffs and then it just went on. The pattern is something I improvised and the yarn was hidden in my stash.

Since then I’ve also worn Knitangle, Vacillate and Pirate’s Cove and a few of my new ones as well. It’s been very warm lately so wool is not really necessary but hand knits need to be worn. We’ll see what else I come up with, May has only just started.

“Lila regn innan vår natt är slut”*

I’m continuing to work on my socks. I have abandoned the orange socks, well, they were finished after all, in favor of another sock-in-progress. This one is purple, a much welcoming color this time of the year.

Speaking of Purple, I found blooming lilacs today! That’s insane! Too early! The bird cherry hasn’t even started yet, lilacs before bird cherry, that’s just weird. A quick search on the blog though shows that this happened last year as well, and on the same day too. Last year it was only the one little flower though, this year it’s much more.

It seems I left all my socks-in-progress just before the toes because I’ve knit a purple toe today too. I always find it easier to knit socks in public when the first one is done. People always ask what I’m making and it’s hard to explain that it’s a sock before it’s finished. It’s much easier if I already have one finished that I can show. And since this toe is now finished, I can easily show the sock to people.

* Purple rain before our night is over – a line from the song Du fria by Håkan Hellström, Silvana Imam and Nisj.

Completely wrong

It’s been a beautiful May day, sunny and warm and lovely spring flowers. I’ve been wearing a pink and light green shawl and I’ve  enjoyed the sunshine. Once I got back home I got out my knitting. I wanted to finish the socks I’m working on before I cast on something new but I realized that orange is not the color for a lovely May day. It wasn’t fun at all and the little orange toe felt like a huge task. Now it’s finally finished and I don’t want to knit on these socks anymore. They are for another season, not this one. This is a pink season (which season isn’t?) and a happy season and it needs bright colors.

That’s my next plan, knit something bright!