Stash Dash 2017 pt. 1

So, remember how I mentioned that I need to sort out my knitting a bit. Well, I thought today was the day to re-organizing the stash. I started to take out a couple of sections and at first I just thought I would dust it a bit and put it back but then I thought, why not make something bigger to help me find what I’m looking for. I discussed it with Julle, my yarn supporting partner, and he asked me what was the most important thing when I look for yarn for a project. Well, that’s weight and color but usually weight is less easy to compromise with. Therefore, the stash will now be properly sorter by weight. It was before as well, all skeins were divided into color and weight, but this time it will be a proper weight based organization. I think it will really help me find what I’m looking for. My only concern is that this will be less aesthetic appealing than sorting by color but it’ll have to be for now. Practicality first, then aesthetic concerns (I know, it’s weird saying this considering that knitting is art but even a painter needs to find his paint in order to be able to actually paint).

First I took out the red and orange sections. They filled the entire table (I have a nagging feeling that the moral of this stash dash is that I need to loose a few pounds of yarn but I don’t want to think about that yet). I have a lot of delicious red yarn…

Then I gradually filled the table with more yarn (pink), then the coffee table (yellow) and evetually I had to move down to the floor (pink, purple, blue, green, and white).

All yarn was properly sorted and the shelf cleaned out. Half the pink section could fit on the table but the rest had to go on the floor and so did the purple shortly after.

As did blue, green and white. I also managed to find a project bag that I had completely forgotten that I owned, and, more surprisingly, a retroreflector hidden in the stash.

I’ve made little place holders to put on the shelves and now the only question is to put everything back in its new place. Since this is a big job I’ll have to save it for another day though.

Meanwhile the entire livingroom is filled with yarn. It was before as well, but now the yarn is on the floor and the tables. The leftovers are still on the shelves in the stash and I’m sure there is a brown section somewhere. There are also two shelves in the freezer with more yarn. It’s quite delicious to look at it all. I’m going to count the skeins as I put them back in the stash later as well. The only remaining question is, have I reached the point of SABLE* yet?


*SABLE – Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy

Thank goodness for gadgets

Look at it, lying there all innocent looking. It’s late in the evening and I thought I would just finish the row, take a quick picture, show you guys and then go to bed. Well, obviously this was the time when the knitting wanted to misbehave. It turns out, cables are weak little suckers. This shawl now contains close to 500 stitches. 500 stitches held together are heavy. Very heavy.

So heavy in fact that when I was shifting the stitches to move them forward on the cable, the cable broke! It broke! It’s true, it broke. Isn’t this exactly what you would expect of your knitting late at night, so misbehaving.

Luckily, thanks to stoppers, gadgets, an extra cable and some fumbling and, thank goodness, removable needles, I managed to fix it without having to tink or moving all the stitches one by one. All in all it turned out to be a fairly breezy problem but the horror, oh, the horror when it happened. Also, if anyone would suggest that knitting isn’t a craft that uses lots of gadgets, you’re wrong. We have tools and gadgets and whatchamightcallits and many other things, all to make things easier for us, and I’m so happy about this. Thanks to that I managed to fix my problem. It still took some time and effort but was much easier than it could have been.

Now, off to bed!

Light for dark

Today my friend Annelie came over for tea and knitting. Usually when we meet we try to take the opportunity to weave in ends and other types of finishing that are necessary but oh, so boring. Since seeing each other is so lovely, it takes the edge of the boring stuff. Annelie stayed true to form and wove in ends but I maintain the opinion that I need to get the actual knitting working before I have to deal with the more boring sides of it (which means that my backlog is getting huge on everything and that no project is ever getting finished).

Anyway, I continued with my mountain climber shawl and it has now started to move in weird directions. It will be very interesting to see where this is going but at least I’m happy about the shorter rows. I’m also getting second thoughts on the order of the colors now that I can see the stripes more clearly. I’m thinking the light grey and the dark grey should switch places. I am aware that this will make the over all sentiment of the shawl much lighter, which is not what I’m after, but as it is know, the shaw will end with the light grey and I don’t want that either. As Annelie pointed out, one rarely regrets a frogging but I’m also pretty sure that if I frog the project to start over, I won’t start over. I want this to be done, I don’t want to reknit it. It’s not that much left now so I will finish it and then make a decision. I might switch color at the edge or something, we’ll see.

“Jag vill bara leva för alltid, för evigt, baby låt oss leva här”

Such an amazing day! I went to Stockholm and visited with my friend Fatou, we had breakfast and went for a walk, had great ice cream and in the evening I met Agnieszka and we went to Fatou’s work, a lovely wine bar, where we had amazing wine, great (so great!) food, listened to the best nusic, and met darling people. It was the perfect summer evening. I even got to teach a friend to knit and he was really good. We’ll have to do it again, both the knitting, the wine, the food, the music (Silvana Imam!) and the company. A summer filled with days like this is really more than one could ever ask for.

What more could I ask for?

Strawberries and my shawl knitting. Julle is the best partner ever, buying me strawberries. The knitting is all me but the strawberries are because of him, the darling man. Speaking of the knitting, I’m making progress. I’m almost finished with clue 2 (this was an MKAL from the beginning after all) and then I only have two clues left. The pink color is called Raspberry smoothie but we’ll have to make do with strawberries instead. I’m quite ready for this shawl to be finished so it’s a good thing I’m making progress.

Now, more strawberries, more knitting!

“I felt this tingling sensation”

There are a few things that always tickles my interest when it comes to yarn. The word “discontinued” is a trigger. Another trigger is “sale”. And if something is both discontinued and on sale, then it’s very interesting. Apart from that it has happened, more often than I care to admit, that I have bought yarn based on color name. I once bought a skein that was called Golightly, because of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I have also bought yarn because it was inspired by Wicked and the witches, Glinda and Elphaba (pink and green).

Those two examples are quite obvious, the yarn dyer has been inspired by these things. Today though, I got yarn, based on the color name, that made me think of the great artist Beatrice Eli. I can’t tell you why the colors, Party Fever (pink-peach-bownish) and Admire Me (light greenish), made me think of Beatrice Eli but they do and now I’ve got one of her songs stuck in my head. I’m not even sure these two colors will go together but I hope so since I want a bigger shawl. If they don’t go together, I’ll have two smaller Beatrice Eli shawls instead and that’ll be fine too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the yarn is as pretty as the pictures show. Oh, I have a good feeling about this!

A very combat shawl

Vacation suits me. Or rather, vacation suits my knitting. I’m actually caught up with my MKAL, clue 3 arrives on Friday, and I’m trying to finish some UFO’s from this past spring. This was an MKAL but I wasn’t able to keep up. It’s a shame because the yarn is simply delicious. Lovely in every way. The grey color is called Mountain Climber so tonight I was first at the gym, doing mountain climbers (I’m actually getting better even though they are still tough) and when I got back home I continued to knit them. I think this shawl will turn out just as fierce as I felt at the gym. The deep relentless grey, the lighter grey that offers no remedy and then the raspberry red that you don’t mess with. I like it and I think it will turn out great once I finish. Let’s hope I finish…

Can’t hold us down

I got a gift from Agnieszka today. This has so many levels to it, and especially since it’s on a pocket mirror which means I can show it while I put on my lipstick. I highly doubt this is the opinion of Jane Austen, she expresses the opinion of the society, in an ironic way. It’s as true today as it was in the 1810’s, society is afraid of women who know anything. But women know, will always know and have always known. Society might try to take that away from us but but they can’t. They can’t!

I couldn’t even find a matching cable

After a week away, in Scotland!, I’m back, settled into the corner of my couch with a new knitting. Summer and vacation are both in full bloom and it’s evident to me that my knitting situation needs some tender love and care. It took me way too long to find the correct needle size and my stash is spreading all over. I got some new additions to it while in Scotland and they can’t fit with the way things are right now. I need to sort out my needles and my stash and my project bags and my UFO’s and abandoned WIP’s. Things are a bit of a mess and I don’t want that for my knitting. So, my plan is to take care of this during my vacation and see if I can free up some space in the stash and organize (localize?) the needles a bit. It’s long over due so here is a goal for this summer. And a good one too.

The contrasts of summer

Summer is full of contrasts. Last night at 9:30 pm I was biking home in the evening light, the sun was shining and it was all so very beautiful. I wore a light cardigan and my legs were bare and biking along the fields is just really how one should spend a summer evening like that.

This evening, at the same time, it was raining instead. Pouring down me, where I was on my bike, in another cardigan but in trousers this time. I don’t mind the rain though, it’s good for the potatoes and also the pollen is disappearing, which I like. Two different evenings and a two different types of weather but equally beautiful. Although not quite as easy to bike in…