I was so close!

I was right. Even though I omitted the thumbs I still ran out of yarn with only a few stitches left to bind off. Quite unlucky I must say. It’s not the end of the world though, I have other pink yarn I can splice, it will be fine, it’s just a pity that it came so close to the end. I almost had it, almost, but no. Oh well, a little splice, a wash and a block and som weaving in ends and I will have a pair of new wristwarmers. That I like!

I didn’t think this through

Since I startet these with some leftover yarn I now realize I have a problem. Will there enough for the second one? It looks like I’m playing yarn chicken and I’m pretty sure I will lose. What do I do then? I’m not sure I can get more and definitely not in the same dye lot. It will be an interesting few days coming up, that’s for sure. As if I really needed any more excitement in my life right now. Oh well, so what if I don’t have enough, I’ll be okay anyway. There are other knittings and more importantly, there are other sets of 2,5 mm dpn’s in case these will have to wait a little while, till I can get my hands on more yarn. And here I was, thinking I could clear out some yarn in the stash. Looks like I will be getting more instead. I’m really okay with that.

And it grew, and grew, and grew…

The wonders of blocking never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been putting off blocking in forever which means that even though I’m not knitting much there are still projects piling up, projects that are only a block away from finished. Since this item needs to be done by May 24, and there is still sewing and knitting cuffs and such, I figured I needed to get down to business. The unblocked piece of lace didn’t look very big and the recipent eyed it sceptically the other day but I assured her it would grow. (I added an A4-paper in the picture for reference.)

I was right. Tonight I blocked it and look, it really has grown. A lot! It was not hard at all to get it into the right measurements and hopefully by next weekend I can take care of the rest. Some finishing, the boring stuff. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

Sugar and spice and everything… French?

So far this year I’ve finished six pairs of socks. While finishing the last pair I felt that maybe I’ve had enough for a while now. You know, the cuff part and making heels and all, it felt like too much of a committment right now. Instead I settled for a pair of fingerless mitts. Despite it being snowy today, spring will come and I will need a pair of mitts eventually. Also, I knit mitts last Easter and it felt like a good tradition to honor. I had some left over sock yarn so I figure, why not. Also, this Easter is all about my French BA thesis and this pattern happens to be in French, which means I’m sort of studying while knitting if you look at it kindly. Which obviously I do. I also had a croissant. It’s important to get into the right mood.

I hope you all are having a great holiday!

The most boring part

The only part about knitting socks that I don’t like is making the cuff. It’s boring. All the rest just goes along but the cuff, it takes forever. I’m not super impressed by the heel flap either but that still goes by pretty quickly. Since I left off my sock-in-progress just after the cuff, it was great to pick it up again without having to knit that part. Maybe I could get someone else to knit the cuffs for me? I know someone who makes the cuffs, the heels and the toes for her mother’s socks, who is unfortunately not well enough to do them herself but she can do the leg and the foot. I also know that my great grandmother made the cuffs, heels and toe decreases for my great aunts when they were kids, they were great at knitting but too young to handle the more fiddly bits. Well, I’m a grown-up healthy woman so I can’t get away due to age nor health. And I am grateful that I’m healthy enough to do my own cuffs, I really am, but that doesn’t mean they are not boring. Oh well, I guess it’s something one has to do, just like weaving in ends and sew things. After all, it really doesn’t take that long considering the entire sock. It’s still two cuffs though…

Knitting Doctor

Today a friend called me as a Knitting Doctor at the Knitting ER. She, obviously, had a problem with her knitting and asked me for help. The Knitting Doctor’s verdict was relentless and absolute, without remedy: frog it! Change the needles, pick another yarn and start over. Then the Knitting Doctor pulled the plug, in this case the needles, and the yarn went back into its ball again. It just wasn’t right. It’s pretty yarn but I think it’s only pretending to be worsted to fit in with its buddy while really being bulky. That won’t do. They can obviously still be friends but one should never pretend to be something one just isn’t in order to impress or befriend someone and in this case a bulky yarn just wouldn’t do. I know the knitter feels betrayed and I’m sure the worsted weight yarn does too. The bulky yarn will probably become a hat instead and my friend got an excuse to buy more yarn and also got some tips on how to avoid this picot hem problem in the future. Luckily she wasn’t far into her knitting and she already knew she didn’t like it so I don’t think it was with that much sadness she saw the knitting unravel. I wish her the best of luck with her project and I’m happy to help should there be more problems coming along in the future.


All of a sudden it happened. I blocked something for the first time in months. About a week ago I found out that someone I really like is going to quit her job which means I won’t see her again and I realized with the clarity that only a knitter can feel that I need to knit her something. I decided on a pair of wristwarmers (pattern in French so it might be considered studying) and now they are finally blocked. Ends need to be vowen in and then I’m ready to give them away. It’s the first knitting I’ve finished in forever and it’s a bit exciting. I’ve accepted that I will take care of blocking things in June and not a day earlier but this bit of information, that she will quit her job, turned the tables a bit and I made an exception. Next block might be during Easter or it might not be until June and I’m fine with that. As long as I can knit everything will be just fine.


Spring evenings

As the light returns so does my energy. It’s just so much easier to find the time and desire to do things when it’s not pitch black outside. I just really hope this will rub off on my thesis so that I get it done in time. It’s quite some time left till deadline but in thesis world there is always s huge black hole eating all the time so there is nothing left. The opposite of a black hole is a white hole and I hope that the lighter spring evenings will be able to fight off the black time eating hole at least long enough to öet me finish my thesis. We’ll see as the semester proceeds. It will also be interesting to see how many socks procrastination will give me in the end…

A whole book with just sock patterns

Today I was having coffee with a group of people and one was knitting socks (it wasn’t me, or, I was also knitting socks but there was another person doing it as well) and followed a pattern from a book. Someone else commented that it was strange having an entire book full of just sock patterns. I guess that’s how it must look like to people who don’t obsess over commit themselves to knitting. I mean, how many different types of socks could there really be? Well, if I only look to myself I have at least three books dedicated only to sock patterns which is not a lot but I do have a lot of single sock patterns as well, stored in my Ravelry library.

There are lace socks, socks with color work and cabled socks. There are plain vanilla ones and plain ones with a little twist. There are socks from heavy yarn and socks knit in lighter yarn. There are different heels, and toe-up and cuff-down socks, short socks and long socks and stockings. All socks have their different little quirk and even though I could churn out a decent sock without a pattern, it’s only because I’ve knit a lot of socks before so I know the basics. I also know I don’t like lace patterns on my feet but a cabled one is just adorable. I know what sock yarn I love the most and what doesn’t work at all and I know all this because I’ve knit a lot of different socks.

Since I started logging my knitting at Ravelry in 2010 I’ve made 38 pairs of socks (now, remember, I’m not usually an avid sock knitter but I’ve still managed to knit 38 pairs in less than seven years (compare it to the 80 shawls and cowls I’ve knit during the same period)) and I have three other pairs on the needles. I’m not really the one to search for sock patterns, I’ve knit plenty of vanilla socks and plenty of business casual socks and I’m happy with that but I’ve still managed to try out about 14 different patterns (not to mention the ones I didn’t finish) over the years which is an entire book all in itself. It adds up quickly. I guess that’s the magic about knitting, it happens. It happens, even if it doesn’t feel like it when you’ve knit on the same freaking sleeve for a million hours and it still only measures 18 cm. I totally understand that someone not as in tune with the knitting world as I am can be confused over the prospect of a sock pattern book but I’m surprised there aren’t more sock pattern books. There is so much knitting going on everywhere, socks are flying off the needles and it’s obvious – knitting happens. And we need the pattern books to help us throw all that magic into the world.

Now, where are my 2,5 mm double-pointed needles?

Just a little bit longer

My new socks are coming along nicely but it’s a good thing I know there will be some teal later on because that grey on the top, not my cup of tea at all. I was actually a bit embarrassed to take it out in public today, I don’t want anyone to think was working on such a dull knitting, that I would choose such a color. Well, the socks aren’t for me and I know that in just a few rows there will be a lovely teal coming and it looks so pretty against the grey. The answer is, as always, to knit more.