The importance of resting


Underbara Clara, a Swedish blogger, recently wrote a post about how to keep your inspiration going. When you are a creative person and you do things where you need to keep the creativity flowing it can be hard to always have it ready when you need it. She has some very interesting thoughts on creativity and I agree with most of them. For me a new experience or new input, or a workout, often sets of a flow of creativity, but, as Clara writes in her blog post, it’s also important to rest. I completely agree, I need rest after a new experience so that I can take care of the creativity and inspiration that comes from that experience before I get new input and I think here we have the core of the knitting problem I’ve felt this fall.

This fall has been so full of new input and new experiences that I’m completely lost. I have rarely any knitting ideas, probably because I don’t have time to rest in between things. I’m so glad I found an explanation to the problem even though I’m fully aware the problem still exists despite me figuring it out. This explanation means that I at least know what to do about the problem even if it might be a while before I can do that. I need rest. I need to process my experiences and input and once I do that I’m sure I will get so many ideas on what to make. Till then I will stay with familiar projects that I know most often work out and I will try to concentrate on small Christmas gifts. I’m glad I figured this out, or rather, I’m glad and ever so greatful to Clara for helping me see what needs to be done and that there is actually an end to this madness.

Hello couch, did you miss me?