Wrapped in guinea-pigs


If yesterday was a day for exercising the body, today has been a day for exercising the mind as I have read almost 20 pages of French linguistics (in French) and done some other things that requires concentration while at the same time let my body rest after yesterday’s craziness. Since we had never done something like this before it was difficult to know what to expect and what to bring and in the end I managed to bring way more socks than was really necessary. In my defence I was nervous and the last minute packing of my new hand knit socks was a way of bringing comfort into an otherwise stressful journey into the unknown. I didn’t need them yesterday but since today has been a day of pampering myself I’ve worn them all day long.


Let me tell you once and for all that even though I was initially skeptic about the color combination, I wouldn’t change them for anything now that they are finished. They are incredibly soft, like in a way you can’t even imagine. Wearing them is like walking around with guinea-pigs wrapped around your feet (not that I have tried but I can imagine) and I never ever want to take them off. Compared to this yarn everything else feels scratchy, even the softest merino. My feet are happy and will never be cold again (I might have to make more to be able to keep that promise. I do have more yarn and obviously I must knit another pair for myself. Poor me).


Pattern: Business casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Sock from Hedgehog Fibres, color Pod. No mods.