I’m lucky it wasn’t a yarn auction


There has been quite some travelling lately. First we went to Warsaw and bought a huge amount of yarn. I love every single skein. I hope to also knit every single skein but I’m not sure when that will happen. Then we came back and I spent less than two days at home before leaving again, this time for northern Sweden to visit my friend Emma. It was only for a few days but it was a great few days.


One of the first things I found out was that my skills as a knitter was needed. Emma’s sister-in-law had had an accident with her hand and was adviced not to put her hand in direct sunlight so she needed a wristwarmer. She had one but it was a woolen one and  when I arrived it was a very hot day. She really needed something in cotten and luckily I had my new summer cardigan project with me, i.e a lot of white cotton. Since the day was hot we went to the pool and spent the afternoon there. In the evening we were at a concert by the river where the band was playing on a raft in the middle of the river with the audience on the shore. It was a lovely evening.


The next day saw a new experience for me. Emma took me to my first auction. It was a huge one that took a lot of time but I must say, I like auctions.


Luckily, mainly because Emma and her mother are such smart women, we had seats in the front and I could sit there and knit on the cotton wristwarmer while comfortably following the action in the auction. It was really interesting.


By the time the wristwarmer was finished we were pretty tired and I had bid on two things, a lamp and a basket with some weaving utensils. I’m not taking up weaving but in the basket were also some crochet lace, crochet yarn and two teeny tiny crochet needles, perfect for attaching beads to knitting. I won both biddings and I’m giving the weaving gadgets to my bobbin lace teacher who is also a weaver. I have tried my crochet needles on my current MKAL and they work excellent.


My last day we went to the village where my grandparents lived. I haven’t been there for quite some time so it was truly a trip down memory lane. We looked around, went to places that remember from my childhood and we also found a yarn store where Emma found some very pretty yarn. We got a few skeins and once they are out of the obligatory quarantine in the freezer I’m going to knit her a shawl.


The wristwarmer was blocking was blocking together with its’ sister by the time I went back home and I hope it fills its’ purpose. This has truly been a yarn summer, there is no other way to describe it. Over 60 new skeins and yarn balls have so far found their way to my stash and I am very pleased with this. Now it’s really time for some knitting.