Some MKAL TLC (acronyms FTW!)


With all the travelling the last couple of weeks my current MKAL has been terribly neglected. So far there are five clues out and I only hope to get through the second cue tonight.


I didn’t start it in time, I was trying to finish something else, and when I did start I realized I didn’t like the beads that came with the kit so I ordered some new ones and then we left on vacation and even though I really could do it, beading is awfully tricky to do on a plane even if they do let you keep your crochet needle.


Theoretically I could use dental floss but I find a crochet hook easier and either way, it’s a lot of fiddling with the beads. Fiddling while in a moving plane where you really should be seated all the time is a bad a idea. Hence, my MKAL should get some TLC.


I’m thinking I should just take a little break with my summe cardigan and just spend a few nights with the MKAL and that should be fine. It’s kind of pretty and the stitch amount does not change.


I’m not completely sure about the color choice yet but it’s better than the last MKAL (where I didn’t like the kit beads either, come to think of it, but luckily I had some blue pretty ones in my so far small but well selected bead stash).


I keep evaluating whether or not I should continue in the yarn club – there are quite a few shawls I don’t really care for – but so far the fun of it is still the strongest factor. Also, based on what I’ve seen on the color choices for the up and coming MKAL, I’m pretty sure it will be great. And again, there was been some really great ones before. From last year’s MKALs there are three out of five that I find pretty and useful and yet another one that is pretty and was fun to knit (I just haven’t had the time to use it yet) so really, there was only one that wasn’t really for me (mainly due to size issues, the colors are lovely). That’s a pretty good ratio.


So basically the pros are way higher than the cons and I will continue knitting on the current MKAL. As I said, it just needs a little TLC right now (I also like the pattern so far, I think it might be very nice when it’s done).


Pattern: Bollenstreek by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Delft Blue and Natural. Mods: none but I changed the beads from the ones that came with the kit.