Out on the piers


The Freaking Amazing is finished and it is pretty freaking amazing. Things turned out pretty much as I had hoped, the tank top together with the jeans and the hair and everything. I like my outfit and the best part is that I’ve made it myself. The color is great and it’s simply a nice summer garment.


I wore it out for a walk tonight on the pier with all the people chilling in the hot summer city. The sunset in one direction and the full moon in the other. It was quite magical of perhaps not as sad as in Marit Bergman’s song Out On The Piers (sometimes I wonder if I associate all my knittings to songs but I guess not). Although, I do think a lot of the people there might not have any other place to go, there were people there with friends or on a date but also people there alone, everyone with their own story. My story was perhaps not very interesting, it was mostly about a new tank top, but it sure was gorgeous.


Pattern: Solan from Yllotyll. Yarn: Tunna Lin from Yllotyll, color 53 Rubinröd (Ruby red). No mods.