The pleasures of summer #1


So, I said I was going to note the lovely things about summer that I don’t miss it. First out we have strawberries. Strawberries with cereal for breakfast and strawberries with chocolate for dessert. I plan on eating a lot of strawberries this summer (I already have but not nearly enough). Strawberries are difficult to find in the winter and are enjoyed best during summer.


Next out is mojitos and dancing outdoors. We went to a salsa club and did some dancing and enjoyed seeing friends and spent a lovely evening outdoors. I love warm evenings that can be spent on a terrace, drink in hand. A knitting would have been nice to but it’s difficult to knit and dance at the same time (might be dangerous too, in case some one loses balance and trips and falls on the needles) and I have more than made up for that today. The hat is now¬†finished (well, a block is still needed) and I have moved on to more summer-y knits.