Freaking amazingly crazy


Summer apparently makes us do crazy things. Or rather, it makes me do crazy things. I blame… the yarn store and the light and my enabling co-worker and language and… well, myself. This is really all on me.  But you should know that the picture in my head is freaking amazing. So amazing in fact that it will probably never happen in real life. But I will dream and the dream is freaking amazing and will make me look just as casual as you never can pull off during summer. Or at least I can’t. I’m usually overdressed in the summer (but hey, I do have a lot of woolen shawls and they are gorgeous and I want to wear them all year round) and when I have been sweating for several days and realize that maybe I can lose the merino cardigan, that’s when some cooler air has come and I walk around freezing, longing for my sweater. But the crazy has happened and my dream is freaking amazing and let’s just stick with that for now.

Two days ago my co-worker (yes, as I said, I could totally blame her) told me that there was some mullberry silk on sale at the LYS. She didn’t just mentioned this in passing but gave me the password to get the discount and also texted me the new price. Yep, enabling (and I love her for it). Of course I went to my LYS. Once there I saw a sign that said the magic word discontinued. This is a trigger word, it means that I have to fully evaluate if this is a yarn that I might at some point in my life feel the absolute need to own. It usually is. The magic word was there and the color was wonderful and I put three skeins on the counter and paid without even blinking. (I also got more mullberry silk than I care to disclose.) Now, there is only one type of (natural) fibre I would never knit in again – linen – and it’s true what they say, never say never, because my three newly purchased skeins are all linen. Three red linen skeins that will become a top to wear with the jeans I just bought and I will look cool and casual (which I rarely do in the summer) and it will be freaking amazing. Now the only problem is that I actually have to knit the top before any of this can happen. To knit in linen… I’d better bring out the chocolate right away.