The summer night light


This time of the year I’m constantly worried I will miss things. That I will have too much to do to notice bird cherries and lilacs and, worst of all, the light evenings around summer solstice. (Every year I forget that it will be just as light in mid-July but I keep arguing that one has to make sure to enjoy the summer night before summer solstice when it turns dark again.) There is something incredibly romantic about the light summer night. Everything can happen and it’s a bit magical. (Except that reality is rarely as spectacular as the idea of something, but you know, a girl can dream.) So far this summer I hadn’t be able to take fully advantage of the light evenings but I had come close. Last weekend we were at a party that we didn’t leave until very early in the morning when the sun was up and the birds were singing. That is one thing you have to make sure to do this time of the year, go home in the early morning hours while listening to the birds singing. But that’s the morning, what about the evenings? As summer solstice comes closer and closer I’ve been worrying about the evenings so when Jenny invited me over to her place for a knit night I jumped to the chance to ride my bike to her place. She lives a little outside of town, about half an hour from me, and the road is a winding one through fields and meadows. I had a lovely ride there (if we overlook the fact that I ended up in the wrong place twice because of road construction and the first time resulted in me getting an angry look from an older man and the second time ended up with me having to lift my bike, Pauline, over a small fence, and that my map had said to follow the road straight till I came to a T-junction and then take a right and I did that only to realized that I had taken that turn too early and was now well on my way to a totally different place) and we had dinner and tea and knitting and the evening went way too quick and all of a sudden it was time to get going. I got an offer to get a lift into town and despite the fact that it was drizzling a bit I declined. I had my summer evening road in front of me and I was happy to take it. It was great, the rain stopped shortly thereafter and I could just ride my bike and enjoy the trip, the light, the greenery, the fields and trees, the small hills and the little houses here and there. It’s wasn’t as dark as in the picture and I could actually see the clock on the church wall. Now I’m back home and it’s time for bed. I’m glad I got this opportunity to revel in my light summer night. I’m already looking forward to the next time.