What is a good pattern?


In late April I gave it a try to design a pattern. It went fairly well but then I never had time to finish knitting the cowl I was designing. Now I have found a book, Kate Atherley’s The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns, that is a guide to  writing knitting patterns and I hope that it will help me. It has giving me a lot of insights so far, and I’ve only just started looking through it. It has also given me food for thought and some things I actually don’t agree on, which came as a surprise. It also got me thinking – what does make a pattern good? We’ve all knit from bad patterns (or stopped knitting because the pattern was bad) but why do we like a certain kind of pattern? And, for me, I find that really well written patterns are spoiling me and then I have a hard time adjusting to other patterns that are not as well written. I like what I like, it’s as simple as that, but I can totally understand that other people might like something different. There is obviously more to write up a pattern than I realized and I need to think some more about this. I will also pay closer attention to the patterns I knit from here on. There is like a whole new aspect to knitting that I never thought about. Oh my, this is all making me dizzy!