The knitting researcher


My May shawl in all its glory! During May I made three of these shawls and I inspired at least one other person to cast one on as well. That’s a pretty powerful pattern. The blue shawl is for me. So far I’ve worn it once and it’s nice and heavy and together with my blue skirt it felt very fresh and summer-y.


What does confuse me though, is the difference in yardage used in these thee shawls. I’m using a different yarn than the pattern states and 100 grams of my yarn is two metres less than the yarn the pattern called for. For my first attempt I needed more than 100 grams for two of the colors – the main color (light blue in the picture above) and the second contrasting color (dark blue) – and less for one of them – the first contrasting color (white) – but I accidentally added a repeat of the lace pattern for that one so it’s understandable.


For the lilac shawl, the second attempt, I only needed more than 100 grams of the darker purple, the second contrasting color. I thought that would be it since I now had made the correct amount of lace repeats (I kind of like being able to pull this shawl off with only two 50 gram balls of each color but I’ll be fine if it’s only one that needs and extra yarn ball, it makes a fairly cheap and still very nice shawl which is very good for gifts. Not that another extra ball would ruin me but it feels unnecessary since I only use just a few grams of it).


There was no such luck though. On the blue shawl, the third attempt, I again needed more than two balls for two of the colors. I thought I might have had a tighter tension on the lilac shawl since I got away with only two balls of the main color on that one but that can’t be it since surprisingly enough I needed much less of the extra ball of the second contrasting color on the blue shawl, which is the one color I suspect will always need more than two balls, than for the previous two shawls.


It’s all really messed up and confusing and not really a problem at all but it still makes me curious. I probably always need a different amount of yarn when I knit different versions of the same patterns but it has never been this obvious before. I think I might have to make a fourth shawl to see if I get a different result. The first shawl can’t really be counted since I added that extra repeat but the other two states different things and I wonder if a fourth shawl would settle the matter or if it would show yet another yardage entirely. I feel like a researcher that needs to make sense of inconclusive data. I wonder what colors a fourth shawl would be…


Pattern: Pirate’s Cove by Threebagsfulled. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, colors (blue shawl) 76 sky blue, 18 white and 36 denim blue; colors (lilac shawl) 19 light grey, 01 light blue purple and 14 purple.