Summer break!


Yesterday I handed in my last exam and by that the semester ended and I got a well deserved summer break from my studies. I have seldom been so stoked regarding summer break before. When I was a kid I sure liked to be out of school for the summer but I also dreaded it, it meant two and a half months of thinking what to do and hope that a friend would be home all the while fearing summer would end and that I would miss out. When I got older I worked during summer break, all of it, since I realized I needed something to do, otherwise summer just made me sad. Once I started working full time all year ’round I felt a little better about summer vacation and started to look forward to it and now I like it a lot.


This year though, I think I’m more excited than ever about summer. My vacation from work doesn’t start until July but my classes are done now and I consider this my summer break. I can do whatever I want! I’ve had one of the busiest springs ever (if you don’t count spring of 2006 but that was insane, I didn’t get to sleep in more than once in like two months and the day I actually could sleep in I woke up at seven in the morning) and now I am free. Yesterday we celebrated with cocktails and I kept calling “Summer break” every once in a while, much to my own delight but to the horror of my company.. My plan for the summer is to knit a lot and by a lot and mean A LOT. In the evenings I will work out with Agnieszka and that’s pretty all there is. I can’t wait for it to start. First though I will take care of all the things that got neglected around the house in these past months.


The first step was taken today when we fixed up our balcony. When we woke up this morning the leftovers of last summer’s flowers were still present but during the course of the day we’ve cleaned up and bought new flowers and again the balcony is our little oasis in the city. We love our balcony and the goal is to repeat the balcony as the place to hang out from two years ago. Let’s hope the weather will be nice but even if it’s not, the balcony will still be an awesome place to chill out. I think this is actually the earliest we’ve prepared the balcony for summer since we moved here. Both in 2014 and in 2015 we didn’t have it ready until the beginning of July. I’m pretty sure today’s improvement is because of summer break, I’m quite smitten. We’ll have a wonderful time!