An evening bike ride


It has been a few sunny days, we really need that after last week’s rain, and last night was such a lovely, lovely spring evening. One of those where it’s still light but not many people out in the streets and you are biking on quiet streets with no cars and there are no hills and you are smelling the lovely air and listen to the birds singing and maybe you are singing too.


I miss biking. Don’t get me wrong, I use my bike almost every day but when I was younger I lived more outside the city center than I do now and I had quite a long way to get to my high school and I rode the bus in the Winter but in the fall and in the summer I took the bike. It was such a nice way to get to be by myself for a little while, 45 minutes bike ride after school and you had shook off the day and cleared out your head. I don’t often get that anymore. My bike rides aren’t that long and the streets are busier.


I love biking in the spring and summer evenings. Everything is still and I get to sing summer songs to myself while listening to the birds. In a few weeks I will also be able to smell the lilacs (they bloom for such a limited time that it is important to stop and smell every lilac that you pass).


My yellow mitts (or I suppose any fingerless mitts) are perfect for evening bike rides. They are warm and protect you a bit from the wind but you still get to feel the air and you can easily take them off and put in your bicycle basket if you get too warm. I wish for more evening bike rides this season.


Pattern: Qwist Mitts by Melanie Berg. Yarn: kolorLOVE from Magicloop, color Słońcem w twarz (Sun in the face). Mods: The pattern called for needle size 3,5 mm but I moved down several sizes to 2,5 mm for a more snug fit. I added 8 sts for the gusset (total of 21 sts) and one extra pattern repeat (I increased every other row till had 21 sts and then I knit straight till the third pattern repeat was completed) before putting thumb sts on hold. Worked like a charm!