A shawl for every outfit


It’s late in the evening, I’m tired and I have a headache. All I want is to go to bed. I haven’t even knit a stitch since I got home from work, which is weird, I want to knit but I’m just too tired.


That pink shawl will never get finished at this rate so I figure we should instead look at a shawl that did get finished. This very nice shawl was meant to be worn at a party in early March. I finished in timeĀ and it was perfect. The color is lovely and elegant and the pattern is interesting and works very well with the yarn.


I was worried about not having enough yarn and sure, I couldn’t make the biggest one with 6 repeats but I could make the slightly smaller one with 5 repeats and that was actually enough. I wore it to the party and I felt very elegant, and not cold at all.


It’s so interesting with dinner parties, during the dinner the people wearing dresses are usually a little cold while the ones wearing suits feel great. Then during the dance afterwards the ones in dresses are all set but the ones in suits are all sweaty. You can tell by the shirt sleeves which ones are planning on dancing and which ones will be at the bar. That’s why a shawl is essential if you plan to wear a dress to a formal dinner. A shawl for every outfit, that’s my goal.


Pattern: Current by Kephren Pritchett. Yarn: Super Sport from Stunning String Studio, color Stained Glass.