Constantly under-yarned


Lately I’ve had a constant feeling that I’m notoriously under-yarned. Whatever I want to knit it seems I don’t have enough yarn. My blue shawl – I have sport weight and the pattern calls for fingering and this means I don’t have enough (according to the pattern, I’m still in denial and playing yarn chicken). I wanted to cast on a very lovely shawl in red, again sport weight which I had and also what the pattern called for, but two skeins wasn’t enough. I didn’t cast on, not even to try it out. I obviously know that most patterns call for more yarn than is actually needed (except my LYS for some reason who back in the days alsmot never stated enough yarn in to pattern to finish the project, they must have some a very tight knitters there). Before Christmas I ordered some yarn, I thought about it for a long time since it was expensive yarn and a whole sweater’s worth, only to find out that the pattern called for 10 skeins and the store only had nine skeins left. I ordered them anyway,thinking it would be fine, but I haven’t yet cast on. I’m afraid I’ll get disappointed. The other day I was ordering yarn, only to find out today that I needed two skeins of one color instead of one. (I might actually need three skeins of the main color and probably two skeins of the other colors but I opted for two of the main and one of the contrasting colors each. We’ll see if I cast on despite this.) I don’t know what’s the matter here, why this happens. One or two skeins used to be enough but apparently not anymore. What has changed? I learned the hard way to always buy two skeins of everything (which is bad when the pattern I later realize I want to make, only calls for one which leaves me stranded with one) but maybe I should start going for three skeins just to be on the safe side. Or, I should just knit these things, see if I win at yarn chicken and make up interesting color combinations of left over yarn to cover that I ran out of yarn mid-bind off. If you see me wearing weird things, please don’t say anything, I’m seriously under-yarned.