A real hoot


Owls have been in for quite some time now, you can find them on cross-stitch table cloths, pictures and bookmarks and I’ve seen them on cups and notepads and you name it. Of course they can also been found on knitting.


I hadn’t really followed the trend but when I saw a pattern for a very warm cardigan with an owl pattern at the same time as I got a dress with owls on it, I was hooked. I was going to make myself a cardigan to match my dress. When I saw that there were also patterns for a sweater for an adult and a cardigan and a sweater for a child I knew my Christmas gifts were as good as done.


First out was a cardigan for nephew. I picked that one first because it required the smallest needles so it would take longer despite being smaller. It took me a long weekend to finish it and I was lucky to find small enough buttons as eyes for the owl.


Next out was a sweater for niece. The yarn was knew to me and it knit up very fast. I worried the neck wouldn’t be big enough but niece’s mother has assured me it worked out. I’ve also seen a picture.


This owl got the most eye looking buttons and it looks very much like an owl. A very serious owl too.


Third sweater was for my Lyndsey-bean. This worried me the most. I had to count a lot to get gauge and the yoke looked really small, almost the same size as niece’s sweater and she’s not even four.


When I put the sweater on the dummy it looked better but I was still worried even though it was supposed to have negative ease. Lyndsey has assured me though that it fits her which pleases me a lot. It’s difficult to knit a garment for someone when you don’t have the exact measurements and can’t fit it during the process.


I wish I had done one thing differently though. I wish I had tried the sweater on the dummy before sewing the buttons on. That way I would have known which owl to pick and not have an owl way up on Lyndsey’s shoulder. Then again, an owl on the shoulder sounds kind of cool, very mysterious and powerful.


Patterns: Wowligan, Owlet and Owls by Kate Davies. Yarn: Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio in color 18 Brown (nephew), Alpaca Superfine from Viking of Norway in color 233 Verde (niece) and Ecological wool from Cascade Yarns  in color 8285 Mocha(Lyndsey). No mods.


For me? Well, I got myself an owl too. Not a cardigan, even though I haven’t given up hope about that yet, but a sweat little creature named Wanda that came to live with me on Christmas Eve. We’re very good friends.