When you’re friends with a knitter


Yesterday I talked about what you can say with knitting. Today I’ve changed the perspective a little to how it is to be friends with a knitter. When you’re friends with a knitter you basically know that you only get soft packages for Christmas and birthdays. You are most often warm even if it’s very cold outside. You find your clothes subject to scrutiny, especially if you’re wearing a knitted sweater. You can sense someone lightly touching the fabric of your new cardigan or asking what material it contains. You also get pampered with wool, especially if you breathe something about cold or sore or fancying a certain type of shawl.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Karin mentioned she was in need of an indoor cowl (actually she might have said that she could feel a draft around her neck but what I heard was that she needed knitting) so I immediately started planning. I searched ravelry for patterns. I texted┬áKarin about colors and went stash diving and came up with two suggestions but I wanted her to feel them before I picked one. Today I finished one of my current projects and realized I could cast on a new. I hunted Karin down in the cafeteria and pressed yarn against her neck. She picked one and I ran a pattern suggestion by her. She looked at me like I was a little crazy, which might be true and now I realize I might have been very clear to another knitter but was probably not making any sense at all to a non-knitter. She agreed with my suggestions though so I’m going to stick with that. Now, all that’s left is to cast on. Oh, lovely Friday evening!