Say it with knitting

One can say a lot with knitting and knitted gifts and I’m not talking about the obvious gifts like for birthdays, Christmas, newborn babies, weddings and such. No, there are other things you can say with knitting. Here are a few suggestions.


If someone has helped out you with someting and you want to do a little something extra for them – knit them something (or buy them flowers, whatever seems more fit). I have knit at lot to say thank you, some things are big and some are small. It shows how much you appreciated what they did. Sometimes I knit just as a way to say thank you for being you, you’re a wonderful person and I’m so happy you’re in my life.


Are you going through a rough time? Here is something to show that I think about you. Also, my own experience is that when you get a gift at a time when you’re falling apart, it’s about the prettiest thing you’ve ever gotten. One of the gifts that has made me the happiest was a small bottle of chocolate smelling shower gel and a loofah. I love to eat chocolate but I don’t care for chocolate as a smell and I don’t use that kind of loofahs but it’s still one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten because I was so, so sad and getting a gift at that time was about the best that could happen – someone was thinking of me. I’ve knit a lot of things to show I care and to help cheer up. It doesn’t have to be the perfect gift but it’s at least something, especially if the receiver wasn’t expecting anything. It can also be a physical thing. You often have a sore neck? Let me knit you a scarf to keep it warm.


One can appologize with knitting. Or rather, you should never forget to say you’re sorry but a little added knitting shows you are willing to make amends. Also, to wool people up can be a smooth way to make interaction work better. And that’s just not with knitted gifts. Sometimes I pick up my work in progress in public situations where there are a lot of emotions going on and things might get a little heated and it doesn’t work all the time obviously but it’s darn hard to have a fight in a room where someone is knitting. If nothing else, people either start asking questions (maybe insulting ones but I have my knitting, I’m happy anyway and I did stop a conflict by turning the attention on me) or talk about their own knitting. And, if the conflict happens anyway, I’ve done what I could and I can hide behind the knitting if it isn’t an option to walk away.

What do you say with knitting?


Pattern: Winter wrist warmers by Kim Sanborns. Yarn: Drops Karisma, color 16 dark grey. A quick knit, warm and flattering. Probably my favorite wrist warmer pattern right now. Mods: continued with established pattern for five repeats then cast off.