Why fix me if I ain’t broken?

wpid-dsc_7565.jpgJust a little more information about what I talked about yesterday. I found an article about it. Apparently 20 minutes of knitting lowers your cardiac rythm with eleven beats and is as relaxing as yoga and meditation. I will remember this. Especially next time someone tells me I should do yoga or mindfulness instead of knit. I am not knitting because I’m insane, I’m knitting to stay sane. I would never have been able to accomplish all the things I’ve done in last ten years if I didn’t have my knitting (well, yes I would but it would have been so much harder). Yoga essentially makes me mad. Mindfulness and meditation is not for me. I have found my way of relaxing and it works (and now I also have proof is works just as well as yoga or meditation). Per hour it’s probably also cheaper than yoga (unless you are very good at yoga and do it at home without and instructor). One semester is usually 8-15 meetings and can cost a lot. Way more than the 200 SEK for a skein of sock yarn that keeps me occupied for 16 hours. You can’t compete with that.