Nice weather for nice knits


The very snowy and cold weather continues. I know it’s a controversive thought but I actually like this a lot, I totally prefer snow over mudd and drizzle. Spring will come, eventually, but until then there is no point in not enjoying the weather as it is, now that winter finally has arrived.


It is also a good time to wipe out the knitted goods. Today I found out that my new hat is indeed persistent towards cold but can resist the wind. It’s still a very good hat though. My scarf (that is actually a shawl) is warm and huge and I can totally wrap myself and hide inside it. I’m warm and cozy, even while walking in the snow.


A week or so ago a friend mentioned she wasn’t as warm and cozy though. She was working in a draft library and since I too have been working in that same library I know how incredibly cold it can be (I was once, while sitting at a table working there, wearing a knit dress over a regular dress, wristwarmers and a scarf and hidden under a huge wollen shawl and I was still freezing to the point that I thought of bringing a blanket next time). I understand her completely and I figured I need to do something about this.


I had already thought of what to give her for Christmas so the answer was clear, I was going to knit. I found this pattern and fell in love and had some leftover yarn that was perfect.


Only a few knitting hours (such a quick knit) and a day later I could present to my friend a pair of lovely, cozy and most definitely warm wristwarmers. I think they made her happy and I really hope they keep her warm.


Pattern (suitingly enough): Winter Wrist Warmers by Kim Sanborn. Yarn: Cascade 220 from Cascade yarns, color 8886 Purple.