Jack Frost nipping at your nose


These days are a knitter’s paradise. It’s cold, the temperature is between -15 and -20 degrees and it’s time to bring out the top game regarding knitting. Hats, mittens, shawls and scarves. Today I’ve sported double scarves and double mittens. We’ve had such a mild fall that I haven’t really had use for a knitted scarf but today I took out my purple shawl. I knit it two years ago, last time we had a December trip to Warsaw. I wore it a lot two years ago but this year it has stayed in the drawer. Until now.


Days like these I’m also extra happy I knit so much for others. I know they are warm (I don’t know if they wear my knits on days like these but I know they do at least have them. They probably┬áhave other warm clothes as well but I have at least done what I can).


Speaking of this, I was faced with another problem with my plan today. Julle, darling boy as he is, isn’t keen on changing his outdoor clothes. This means that the hat I made him over two years ago is still in frequent use and the same with his cowl. I have asked him if he wants something new but no, he declines. The problem is that he still uses the same gloves he bought three years ago and more than one finger is peeking out. With the weather being so cold he is in desperately need of a pair of mittens. And I will be happy to help him but that means casting on something new and buying new yarn. Should that be allowed? Well, the answer is simple, my plan is (hu)man made and doesn’t stand a chance against Jack Frost and the powers of the weather. A pair of mittens will happen. (I have indeed picked up a new UFO and two or three nights worth of knitting should have that one finished as well.)


Pattern: Overpass by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in colors Plomo and Purple Mystery.