Good intentions, good work


My good intentions from yesterday has already been effected. I’ve looked through my project bags (I have more than 20, can you imagine?!), cleaned some of them out, decided which projects I want to finish, frogged one I didn’t want to finish and basically cleaned out a bit.


Not only that! I also found an almost finished project from March 2015, I thought I had much more left but there was only about six ends left to weave in, which, on any other projects is quite a lot, most things I make have between two and four ends to weave in, but this project had a milion ends. I wasn’t very impressed with the garment which is probably why I didn’t finish earlier. It was ju not behaving well, the colors were difficult and I couldn’t really see how it could be useful to me.


Now though, it’s blocking and I realized I have just bought a shirt to which the garment might actually work so we’ll see when it’s dry. If nothing else it’s nice to get some closure, finish and then move on, so to speak.


So, my hat is blocking and this old UFO is also blocking and I’ve looked through my project bags. Next step should be to move on with the other old projects as well as finishing my current projects.


I should also go through my stash to see what I actually have there. I am still happy with the organization – divided by color and then my weight – but I wouldn’t mind getting a better overview. I can only see my latest purchases with a quick look and I know there are some older treasures in there as well. I need to knit in pink, purple and green and in fingering weight since those shelves are most crowded, but any dent in the stash is good (I can’t stress enough how excited I am about the new hat, the yarn, oh, the yarn! I might need some more in that color…).


Pattern: Moonshine by Klara Norberg. Yarn: Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, colors 48 wine red, 45 light olive and 21 medium grey.