Zombie causal


The moment I saw this yarn I fell in love and when I read the name of the color – Zombie BBQ – I knew it was meant to be socks for Agnieszka. The question during the whole knitting proces has been whether or not it’s the zombies who havev a barbeque or if the zombies are the barbeque. No matter what I’m pleased with the sock pattern I choose. It looks like a grid that will stop any zombies from getting out.


The colors pooled a lot on the leg of the first sock (to the right) but other than that it lined up in lovely stripes except around the gusset. I kind of like that, worn like above, the colors on the left sock look like a splice that fits into the colors on the right foot, just over the transit from the leg to the upper side of the foot.


It was the first time using this pattern and it is lovely! So far I’ve made three pairs of socks from it. It makes the knitting interesting, you can easily see how much you’ve done and how much is left. It is also modest enough to work with non-solid colors.


I had some yarn left after finishing the socks and I made a pair of wristwarmers to go with the socks. I used the same pattern but removed 16 stitches from the smallest size and the knit in pattern, finishing with a 2×2 ribbing.


The yarn looks much busier on the wristwarmers than the socks, due to fewer stitches. I’m not sure how I feel about it but other people have expressed their approval and I trust them. If nothing else, it looks a lot messier than the socks. Maybe like a true zombie barbeque?


Pattern for both socks and wristwarmers: Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee. Yarn: Shepherd Sock Multi from Lorna’s Laces, color Zombie BBQ.