They are very crunchy


I think this time of the year a lot of people are trying to decide what is so important that you can’t do without it at Christmas and what is okay the give up this year. There are so many things to prepare for some reason and so little time to do it.


I have made decisions too. Everything that needs to be knitted is finished, just some last touches and then it’s done. I have wrapped things, not everything but almost and I even have scotch tape, scissors, wrapping paper and ribbons and I can tell you exactly where all those things are right now. Some gifts have been given to their respectively recipients. The Christmas cards will hopefully go out tomorrow. All that is great. There is one thing that won’t be done though, I seriously doubt there will be a Christmas tree this year. We will just have to spend more time at Agnieszka’s and admire her tree. Also, and I know this is something everybody says but why not me too, next year I will do better. I will start the Christmas cards in October, the decorating of the Christmas tree will be scheduled and I will generally be more prepared so I can spend the last week before Christmas watching Christmas movies while knitting and trying out the Christmas candy and cookies. This is my goal and I will, in all honesty, see if I can make that work.


Something I have made is gingerbread and saffron truffles. I guess trying them out while watching movies will work just as fine after Christmas as it does before.