Things that makes perfect sense to knitters but non-knitters don’t understand #1


When you are a knitter there are a certain amount of things that makes perfect sense to while others might look at you in a funny way. Other knitters understand you but non-knitters think you might be crazy for real. One of those things is trying on unfinished socks. To you, as a knitter, it makes perfect sense to try on a sock to see how much is left before you can start the toe decreases (pretty darn soon if you look at my foot and sock above). Others though, they don’t understand when I all of a sudden put my foot up on the couch and put on the sock in progress, all four needles and all. They think I might be weird (to me it would be weirder to make a sock that is too short or too big just because I didn’t dare measure it). I understand that the cluster of knitting needles can look intimidating, and I wouldn’t recommend walking in a sock with the needles still hanging, but if I was clever enough to make a sock all the way down to the toe decreases, rest assured that I know what I’m doing. I can handle it. And I will continue to put on socks in progress out in the public. If anything, people usually asks about it and then I get to talk about knitting. I see nothing wrong in that.

So, sock is measured and adjusted accordingly. Next stop, toe decreases.