To sum up


So, I passed 100 000 stitches a few days ago and this year’s total lands on 11171 sts past target. That’s more than 20 000 sts less than last year which I find very, very weird since I have a less stressful time this year. Or maybe that’s it, I have a less stressful Novemer this year just because I made less than last year. Hm…

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter, I went past 100 000 sts which was the goal in the first place and I feel happy about myself. Now I can concentrate on reading my books, crochet some flowers (*gasp* I know, right!?), color in my coloring book and eat gingerbread. I also still have some major knitting to do before Christmas but at least I don’t have to waste time counting the stitches from now on.

All in all, a good November (and it went by so quick, I don’t know what happened).