Friday Heels #9


So, it’s Friday again and time for another pair of heels. Today I’m showing you what is probably the prettiest shoes I own. It’s difficult to take pictures of black on black but oh my, are they pretty! They have the perfect round toe, I find it somewhat childish in a delightful way at the same time as it’s elegant and classic. I’m not a big fan of very pointed shoes, I prefer the 50’s style, it’s timeless somehow (albeit very 50’s).


I have these shoes in white as well and I wore them at my wedding. I’ve shown them before and I don’t think I will be wearing them for this round of Friday Heels as white is kind of hard to pull off together with black pantyhose and transparent pantyhose looks a little weird in the winter (or at least it looks cold). The story of these shoes is a wonderful one. One summer I was on vacation visiting a friend in a little town a few hours drive from here. We went looking in shops and I saw a pair of white high heeled shoes that were simply gorgeous. They came in black as well but since this was in August, the white ones were on sale, half off, but the black ones were full price. I tried the white ones on and they fit perfectly and I bought them without hesitation. I loved them so much and the year after I was in the same town, visiting the same friend. We went into the same shop and I kept thinking that maybe they would still have the black shoes. It wasn’t a regular shoe shop, it had different things like clothes and interious decorating articlesas well. I saw my show, in black, on a shelf and I asked the cashier if perhaps they had it in my size. I didn’t have much hope of that but lo and behold, they did. They had the shoes in my size, on sale. Of course I bought them, what else was I to do?

I love the shoes, both the black ones and the White ones and they love me back. They are the perfect pumps and I doubt I will ever find as pretty shoes ever again and I hope they will never wear out. They are simply adorable.