Vacillate – Take #1


I struck me the other day when I was talking about my Agnieszka’s new Vacillate, that I never showed you my finished one, which is a shame because it’s delicious.


It’s pretty and witty and bright! One side is brighter than the other side, I admitt. The brown didn’t really contrast with the brown main color and the green looks a little mouldy but that’s fine anyway.


I hoped it would be big enough and I think it is, of course it could have been bigger but most things can, and it’s not too small anyway. I’m glad I added an extra repeat though. I want my shawls to cover my back but also to wrap nicely in front so I can secure them on my shoulders. I simply want to wrap my torso in a shawl.


Despite my Agneiszka’s Vacillate having both orange and off white in the first two repeats it’s still M&M knitting, I just want to knit one more row, one more row. So far I’ve come to the third repeat and it’s looking good.


I like the effect the pattern is creating and I’m really glad I went for multiple contrasting colors instead of just the one. It makes it more fun to knit and a totally different shawl. Now I just need to figure out what outfits that goes with this and which that don’t.


Pattern: Vacillate by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, main color Coffee Bean, contrasting colors Golden Sunrise, Paprika, Red Fez, Tangier Plum, Moroccan Blue, Storm Cloud, Green Tea, Linen and Dark Camel. Only mod was that  I added a pattern repeat.