In between. Too efficient?


It looks as if I’ve been too efficient this weekend. Not only am I currently between knittings right now, but I am also between books. All my knittings are either blocking, secret or impossible to continue before the next MKAL clue comes out. Sure, there is yarn and there is a lot that can be cast on but not without effort. It requires some kind of preparation, finding needles, winding yarn or something like that. I have nothing that I can just pick up and knit a few rounds on before I go to bed.

Ok, so no knitting right now, but how about a book? Well, I finished the book I was reading this morning and sure, the book shelves are filled with unread books (and read ones too, both those that can be read again and those that I never want to open ever) but again, it requires some kind of preparation. If nothing else, I need to decide what I’m in the mood for and then find something that works with that. Not to mention that it takes a little while to really get in to a new book, it takes a few pages to settle in. Again, it requires time that I don’t have. I just want to read a page or two before I got to sleep, not invest time in a new book.

Luckily this will hopefully be solved tomorrow as Agnieszka has promised to see me to decide in which order she wants the contrasting colors in her Vacillate shawl. Once I know that, all I need to do is cast on (I guess technically I can cast on tonight because it starts with the main color anyway but again, that requires a search for needles and such). Tomorrow though, tomorrow we’ll be in the middle again, not in between.