Black hole knitting


I was smug about my workout yesterday but that very same thing also made me really tired so I didn’t manage to knit at all. I made up for this today though. I’ve managed to block all the things I was going to block and I have vowen in the ends, I have taken pictures of a finished shawl and I have knitted on my boring knitting. I have knitted a million rows, well, at least twenty, but the piece still measures 8 inches. Then plan is to make around 12 inches but those last two inches just isn’t coming. I think I have met a so called black hole project were you can knit and knit and knit and still get nothing to show for it. I put a marker where I started and can see I’ve made progress but the measuring tape stands firmly on 8 inches. A bit unfair but then again me and this knitting haven’t really been friends from the beginning. We’ll se what happens tomorrow.