October is for socks


I’ve noticed a pattern. It seems that I have a tendency to knit socks in the fall. It happened last year and the year before that and now I’m at it again. I tried to knit socks last spring but never finished them but October and November last year I made at least three pairs of socks and the year before that also three pairs of socks. We’ll se how many I make this year, if any, but I’m almost at the heel on the second pair – the first pair was a mystery knit along that was a tad early for my sock knitting urge but nevertheless resulted in a pair of socks. I should really finish the ones I started last spring but one thing at a time, or rather, one sock at a time. There must be something about October that triggers the sock urge, without me even noticing it. It’s sneaking up on me and before I know it I have cast on a pair of socks. This color is lovely and the pattern is simple but complex enough to keep my interest. We’ll see when I’ve turned the heel, I’m also a quite eager sweater Knitter this year so we’ll se what I end up with, maybe this is all that will come of this sock but I hope I finish the pair. October is for socks and I bought at least three skeins of sock yarn at the fair yesterday to prove it.