Yesterday my friend Louise had a birthday and I found out about a week ago that she was having a dinner party. Well, birthdays are for knitting so Julle bought some yarn and I cast on during theatre rehearsal on Monday evening.


By the time I went to bed one wristwarmer was finished and the whole pair was blocking on Tuesday evening. I’m telling you this is a quick knit. This time the beads worked without a hitch and I’m absolutely in love with how they made an ordinary, well executed but still quite ordinary, knitting become both elegant and noticeable. I gave these away but I might make a pair for myself as well.


Pattern: Moonshine by Klara Norberg. Yarn: Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color 17 Navy Blue. The color is a bit darker than these pictures show. Many thanks to dear Christine for excellent knitwear modelling!