Sea breeze


It wasn’t just me that agreed with the sea this weekend. So did Märta’s cardigan. I didn’t have the ocean in mind when I picked the color but it worked very well together. That’s another reason to live by the sea, it’s a perfect place to take pictures of knitwear. I regret not bringing the Vacillate, it could also have benefited from those sweet rocks. As it is now,  have to wait for a sunny day when I happen to have the time to photograph it and I will never find as nice a spot as the one above. But, the wrap itself is nice enough so it should be okay anyway.


On Sunday morning we went back to the rocks along the sea and the water was much calmer this time so I could place the cardigan closer to the water than the day Before. I wouldn’t want to get sea water on the cardigan (as I didn’t have time to re-block) or worse, have it swept away by the water or the wind.


This thought me that calm water is much better when you want to get closer to it but more Waves, some whitecaps, are more interesting to look at. I can totally imagine me sitting on a balcony facing the ocean, drinking tea and knitting while watching the waves roll in. The changes in the sea, it would be interesting to watch a little storm and what it does to the sea. I know of course in theory but I’ve never seen it and it think it might be interesting to see how the shore is affected, which rocks will be covered in water and so on. As I’ve mentioned before, I find thunderstorms and other wonders of nature pretty exciting (as long as it’s safe of course) and just imagine adding the ocean and its twists and turns to that.


The cardigan is also pretty exciting but not in the way nature is. Instead this was rather a calm and quick knit, this pattern is never disappointing.


I kept the lace at the bottom…


…but removed it at the yoke. The yarn wasn’t really suited for lace at this gauge, it felt a little flimsy at times but nothing that I think will affect it’s wearability.


I hope Märta is going to like it just as much as I like it and even though it’s mostly woods where Märta lives I hope she will come to appreciate the sea as well. Just as I do.


Pattern: Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car. Yarn: Fin from Du Store Alpakka in color 205 Lys turkis.