Soon to be the new it-girl?


I’m usually not the person who first jumps on a new fashion trend. Most of the time I don’t even notice trends until I can’t seem to find any other clothing at the store. Sometimes I follow the trend and sometimes I don’t. It therefore wasn’t surprising that I didn’t know that apparently ponchos are in this fall but what did surprise was that I’m on this trend, before I even knew it was a trend. You see, I was surfing an online yarn store and found the best trigger word possible for a yarn purchase – discontinued. (I don’t think this yarn is actaully discontinued but this particular color is at that particular store.) Since I’m a little weak when it comes to yarn, I understood immeadiately that I needed this yarn and I started surfing for patterns. I was thinking of making a shawl but a nice ponchette turned up among the shawl patterns and I was intrigued. It was a pretty ponchette and I decided to make it. I ordered the yarn and started planning the knitting. It was during this that I found out ponchos are trending now. Yesteday I cast on and soon I might be just as trendy as any other poncho owner. Most of all though, I’m just excited about my new knitting, trendy or not.