Jenny to the rescue


Friends are the best and a knitter should have both knitters and non-knitters as friends. Non-knitters make for great recipients of knitted gifts and knitters, well, let’s just say that they understand that you are sometimes overcome by a deep desire to discuss the pros and cons of plied yarn versus singles. Knitters are also intrigued when you have bought new yarn and they are also willing to share the shipping costs with you on a joint yarn order. And, most of all, knitters have stashes.


After my unfortunate yarn trouble the other day I couldn’t wait to tell my closest knitter, Jenny. We spend at least six hours a day in each other’s company so we know most about each other’s knitting; habits, projects – finished and unfinished-, mistakes – and their solutions-, and yarn. After we had looked thoroughly at my yarn, the mistaken main color, the contrasting colors and other yarn on the yarn company’s website, we agreed that a warm brown would be a good main color for this project, the colorway Coffee beans to be more exact, and lo and behold, Jenny had a skein of that exact yarn in her stash. Today she brought it with her and we examined my contrasting colors together with this aspiring main color, we let it marinate for a few hours and by the end of the day it was clear that I will be able to start this KAL on Tuesday after all. That is nothing but pure knitterly kindness. I might also have seduced Jenny into start thinking of making this same project too. And that’s one of the many reasons what knitter friends are for.