But why?


This isn’t my yarn year. It really isn’t. First it was that super ugly brown-yellowish yarn that I ordered back in January (I thought it was apple green) and then it was missing out on all the MKAL:s and when I finally thought I was back, it was the green that made everything look dirty and now, now I was absolutely sure I was back in the game. I ordered my yarn, it was shipped much earlier than expected and I thought this was my time, finally. No more white shawls, just knitting for fun. Today my yarn arrived and I was super excited, yarn in the mail, could it be better? Well, it turns out it could have been. I have ordered a yarn kit with a main color and eight contrasting colors. I ordered the main color in a deep, autumn-y red. What I got was the same beige white that I tried in that green shawl mentioned above. I also got a little yarn sample in the color of my choice of main color. This is disappointing, of course it is. I don’t want more of that beige white. It’s a nice color, sure, but it’s not what I wanted and I already have one skein. I liked my choice of main color (even though I realize now that it might not have worked anyway, it was too dark). Sure, I can send back the one I got and get my main color instead, but really, what’s the point? It will take at least a week for my yarn to go back to the US and it will take at least a week for the store to send me a new skein. The KAL starts September 1 and my yarn won’t be here in time and I really wanted to be on top of this. I don’t want to just keep the yarn and go with it either, I already have an un-used skein of yarn in that color and I don’t want another one and even though this beige white might work with my contrasting colors, it won’t become the shawl I was hoping for. I’m disappointed, mostly because shipping takes so long. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s nothing to argue about, but with shipping this will take forever to sort out. No KAL cast on on September 1, that’s for sure, and that’s what disappoints me the most, unless I resign and decide that the white beige will be amazing. I don’t know, it’s probably best if I go to sleep and think about it in the morning instead because right now I can see no satisfying solution. Sleep might help, I’m going to at least try it.