Across the Parnassus

Today was the Conferement Ceremony at the university where the new PhD’s receive their symbols of honor. I was there to listen to the cannon salutes and to watch Maja get her laurel wreath and take her walk across the Parnassus. She did so with dignity and I’m very proud of her.

I’m also very impressed with the women and men who took care of the cannon salute. They’re really cool and quite a contrast with their uniforms to the promovendi in their tie and tails and full lenght-dresses.

Since the ceremony is almost three hours with no bathroom breaks and quite some waiting time before it all starts, I obviously brought my knitting and honored Maja in my own way.


Maja has been a PhD student for as long as I’ve known her. Now she’s Doctor Bäckvall but there is knitting on the other side of the Parnassus as well. We will continue to knit together, my Knitter Doctor sweetie and me.