Turning torso


I have a very sensitive neck. Since I first got one of those really bad wrynecks back in 2009 my daily wardrobe almost always contains a shawl of some kind, wrapped around my neck. I’m careful and I try to stay out of draught. Over the years my neck has been too used to and to comfortable with the added warmth around the neck that it mutters in a huffed voice whenever I dare to leave it bare. This has made me a bit put out, I think I should be in charge of my neck and not the other way around so I have gradually gotten my neck through detox and helped it to get used to be bare every once on a while. It has worked pretty well.


Last Monday though was a very windy day but it was also a very sunny so I had both lunch and coffee outdoors. Yesterday morning I realized my mistake. Wryneck. I even dreamt that my back was cold and I woke up in the middle of the night and realized it was. I covered it and Went back to sleep but yesterday morning still saw an umcomfortable neck and I covered it in a shawl and thought it would get better during the day.


It wasn’t. This morning was even worse neckwise, I had a hard time turning my head and I wondered if maybe I could knit something to make it better, something that comes down on the back but is still big enough to wrap around the neck. I’m not sure why I thought that I could knit something that I could use to help this wryneck today but I guess it’s the thought of a knitter – anything can be helped with knitting, I don’t care if it will take me some time to make it.


Usually shawls are either designed to cover your shoulders elegantly or to be wrapped around your neck in a scarlike manner (not as elegant I think but much more effective for my purposes) but nothing that will cover both.


Then I thought that maybe a triangular shawl would help, something big enough to still cover my upper back while I wrap it around my neck. Now, I don’t have that many triangular shawls. My shawls are mostly crescent shaped and the ones that are triangular are more of shawlettes than shawl.


Then I knew it. Back in March I finished this year’s first MKAL – Rock the Kasbah. It’s big, it’s triangular and it’s warm since it’s mostly mosaic knitting and therefore two strands of yarn has been carried along those parts, instead of just one strand. Aslo, it has beads (not that that helps the neck but it adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to the whole ensemble). It worked perfectly and all day today my poor neck, shouldes and upper back has been wrapped in this shawl. They are not very happy yet but definitely happier than they would have been had they not been wrapped in this amazing shawl.


Pattern: Rock the Kasbah by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning superwash from Strunning String Studio, colors Red Fez and Natural.