The kind of reputation you want

Cupcake green

The other day my heart melted. I have a young friend whom I haven’t seen since July and the other day I found out she’s talking about me. A lot from what it seems. She is two and a half years old and has received quite a few knitted things over the years. Now it turns out that every time she sees something knitted of hers she says that Ina has made it, even if it’s store bought or someone else made it. I feel so flattered and happy. What more could a knitter ask for? Especially since the only thing of mine she can still fit into is a hat that I made two years ago. Obviously my first thought was that this kind of love can not go unnoticed. Obviously my friend needs more knitted stuff from Ina. (Please note that I’ve decided not to think about the fact that she talks about me in relation to knitting might not be all positive, she might have a deep dislike for knitted things but I’ve decided that is not the case.) The first thing I did was to go searching for a nice summer sweater pattern. I found it and realized it needs to be yellow. I then Went searching the Internet for yellow yarn. I found it immeadiately (how often does that even happen? The right pattern and the right yarn just like that? I think Internet is acting as enabler this time). Just when I was about to click the “buy it now” button I hesitated and started thinking. I am knitting a huge white lace shawl on which I’m behind (without it really being my fault, I have knitted as planned but I’m still behind) and I am trying to save money, hence no knitting time and no money to buy yarn. Yes, the irony of the thing is not lost on me, the one time I found a perfect pattern and perfect yarn is also the time when I don’t have time to knit and can’t buy yarn. I’m bummed to say the least. We’ll see if I can make something up, my friend obviously cannot go on long without a┬ánew Ina sweater.