The best vest


Remember how I was a bit sick of making sleeves, my nemesis, and that resulted in me making a slipover for little W? It was very cute and had like million ends to weave in (aka, I won’t be making that one again in a long time). But little W is a sneaky little cutiepie, he decided to grow, a lot, and before he had even worn it once, he outgrew the slipover.


Now, obviously I’m not offended by this. This happens, babies grow. But I didn’t like the idea of little W being without Auntie Ina knits. So therefore I decided to make a new one. The first try was not good (please don’t make me talk about it, not yet, I’m not ready) but the second one, the second one turned out nice.


It has lovely buttons and adorable pockets and little W looks very distinguished in it. Also, his parents love the vest and that’s all I could ask for. The best part: he didn’t grow out of it for several months.


Pattern: b21-8 Junior from DROPS design. Yarn: DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color 3609 red.