Birthday card


I know I’ve talked about paper a lot but I haven’t really shown you anything so I figure it’s about time I did. A couple of weeks ago it was my friend Lyndsey’s birthday. Together with some presents (yarn – she’s a knitter too) I made this card for her. Green cardstock, a flowery paper, a simple brown one on top of that and and White paper to write on. A princess crown stamp and some rhinestones because she is a princess and some tea stickers because we drink a lot of tea when we see each other.


All of these things where stuff I had at home already, I just needed the inspiration to put them all together. I was looking through my scrapbooking stuff and found a green card and then I looked through my patterned papers and found a paper that worked well with the card and some brown paper that was a nice contrast to the pastell colored card and inspiration just poured over me and I found stickers and stamps and it was pretty obvious to me what I was going to make.


I used a brown envelope to make it all a little less cute and more stylish. I think it turned out pretty well. Happy birthday Lyndsey-bean!